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30 Sep 2014 17:32

Time: 1hr 30 mins
SECTION A (Answer all questions.
Questions carry equal marks)
1. What are the names of the two
people holding hands when you switch
on a Nokia phone?
2. If the past tense of Take is Took,
what is the past tense of Make?
3. Which university in Nigeria has the
highest number of ladies using
blackberry phones?
4. If Buhari is a friend to Obasanjo on
Facebook, who sent the friend request
and why?
5. If the cost of moi-moi is N10.50,
what is the cost of moi?
6. Who ate the missing part of the
Apple logo?
SECTION B (Answer All Questions. 10
Marks each)
1. Between the Nigerian police and
Nigerian girls, who likes money more?
2. Using the almighty formula,
calculate the Diameter of Elegushi
beach. (Take pi=3.142)
3. If Ada is a girl and Obi is a boy, who
is Adaobi?
4. If your X-boyfriend/girlfriend wins
N50,000,000 on who wants to be a
millionaire after you broke up, find the
value of X?
5. If it takes Goodluck one hour to
deliver a typed speech in a national
conference, how many days will it take
Patience to deliver the same speech on
the same occasion? Assuming the
polarity of the audience is kept

15 Oct 2014 02:46


17 Sep 2016 16:27

Lol Lol Dat Question Is A Hard One Well Done U Try