Nigerian forum: Fashion - How can you describe the beauty of a man/woman
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30 Sep 2014 17:11

Beauty is always attached to the clothes a person wears, the figure that the person carries, or the way the person combs his/her hair.
Beauty is seen in eyes of a person, because that is the doorway to a person's heart, the place where love resides.
But does beauty really boils down to that? How can you describe the beauty of a man/woman

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30 Sep 2014 17:31

Beauty they says, lies in the eyes of the beholder, this is true, however, there are outstanding beauty that is always noticed by all. What is your own view?

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1 Oct 2014 10:08

The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.

2 Oct 2014 01:27

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2 Oct 2014 14:07

Beauty comes from heart also

4 Oct 2014 19:20

True beauty in a person is reflected in his/her soul.
It’s the caring that he/she lovingly gives,
the passion that he/she shows &
the beauty of a person only grows with passing years.

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13 Oct 2014 17:35

the cloth the person is wearing e.g. yellow throughout,blue throughout etc

13 Oct 2014 22:42

@jackson048: is clothing beauty??

14 Oct 2014 21:42


14 Oct 2014 21:53

i will simply describe one who is GOOD AT HEART as a beautiful person(ones character will tell,u can just judge one by/frm d physical appearance,there is more to it)

14 Oct 2014 22:18

I ment,u 'cant' NOT u'can'-mistake

21 Oct 2014 15:33

Inner beauty is very important so is your outer presentation, that is the very first impression of yourself you give.

23 Nov 2014 17:26

(#ff0000)i Don T No(pink)

24 Nov 2014 07:28

Its depend on who is concern

11 Apr 2015 00:50

Beauty is beauty and if one is beautiful it stand out from among many. It's a gift and not eveybody is beautiful.. My vew is that is from the heart and jenue beauty affects the that person's surrounding through love. Peacemaking. Gentle. Kind. Good. Caring. Respectful and self control..

11 Apr 2015 01:00

Sure, u r on d track

11 Apr 2015 01:01

Beautiy is from God, and all.

11 Apr 2015 08:17

Beauty! Your physical appearance can define ur beauty if u didn't attached physical manmade things, u put up d lipstick or eyeslid, can b best describe ur beauty
Frm me, beauty is natural without blemish. vry attractv and invitin, take ur bath and dress well..

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11 Apr 2015 08:21

the beauty and radiance of both and female is DETERMINED by ur characterand charisma