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28 Sep 2014 12:05

Is it a book from God? Or from men? Is there any reason to believe the Bible?

30 Sep 2014 01:00

Is from god

30 Sep 2014 03:13

Yes is 4rom God.

30 Sep 2014 03:15

Oh see ur life it is from mensseger of god is't true or not ??

30 Sep 2014 05:35

it is from GOD but writted by his messengers.

30 Sep 2014 10:05

Is there any books that id written by any prof or any their knowledge that have the quality the Bible have? Bible is the most completed book i ever ready is a book that renew it self.the knowledge and wisdom of all the philosophy of this world is to limite to understand the ministry of the Bible....words of God...the Bible

30 Sep 2014 10:33

is written by men but inspired by GOD

30 Sep 2014 10:53

By God

30 Sep 2014 10:56

By God

30 Sep 2014 11:37

The Bible is writen by the inspiration of the Holy spirit and it took over 2000 years to complete. With non of the writer getting to meet each other. And thier account not contradicting each other.

30 Sep 2014 12:14

BIBLE IS FROM GOD, God almighty owns every one of us, He instructed us to translate BIBLE to all languages in the world so as to enable everyone to read, so there cant be any complain on d day of Judgement. No other religious book can be interpreted to many languages, i read BIBLE, i felt d spirit of living God, All prophecies therin came to pass. What else? Well, Christianity is not a religion but d way God laid down for us to enter into kingdom of God.thank u

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30 Sep 2014 12:22

the bible is the only weapon of us against
the devil as long has we know it, it was written by men and through the inspiration of God

30 Sep 2014 13:16

God's knows more than us,thks everybody

30 Sep 2014 14:20

Thanks, its indeed a Great gifts dat God our Father Maker gave to us all,

30 Sep 2014 16:07

Sure.reasons not just reason to believe it

1 Oct 2014 13:39

Bible d fundamental truth.... Dat can lead to d best path

5 Oct 2014 11:53