Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - BROken HEArt STORies For SIngles What will you do, if this should happen on your wedding nite???
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23 Sep 2014 21:12

A guy dated a girl for 2yrs without sex, even after their Traditional marriage the girl still did not allow the guy to touch her. However, the wedding day was fixed and the day before the wedding was the bachelors eve (night). All his friends were with
their own girl friends. They were all having fun to the fullest. When he saw all these, he was pleased at first, but was very Hot when his fiancee turned him down again and begged him to wait a little longer so he agreed again with no objection.
At last, when the D-DAY finally came and the guy haven waited patiently for the wedding to be over..... As at 6:00pm, when the wedding was over, the latest couple was at home relaxing. So, when the guy ask his wife to come to the bathroom with him but she said she is shy and can't bath with him. The guy agreed still with no objection. She went to take her bath first and after her bath she went to bed while her husband also went to take his bath. But when he had finished bathing he came out Unclad to meet his wife who was already fast asleep. He went to the bed and kissed her then she woke up immediately and was panting when she saw her husband who was already romancing her and she started crying begging him to
wait till nightfall but he was too hot this time but he had to managed to control himself in agreement with his her. Then she asked him to wait, let her get some rest that when she wakes up he will do what ever he desires.
However, as at 11:00pm, some armed robbers attacked them, they were 5 in number and the five of them took turn in molesting his wife. The first guy disvirgined her, he couldn't bear it, he cried as he watched those heartless men force themselves on his wife. They left her unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital and when she regained her consciousness her husband sent her packing.
Now, my question is: "Did the guy
do the right thing by sending her
packing? Or If you were the guy what will you do"?
Please friends, Be sincere....
Pls, make sure you put yourself in this guy's shoe and see for yourself how it hots.

26 Sep 2014 16:19

I might do the same tin depending on circumstance

26 Sep 2014 17:00

It will nt b easy bt i will nt.

26 Sep 2014 17:10

Well 4 me,I will not send har packing

26 Sep 2014 17:12

Well 4 me,I will not send har packing,but she will pay 4 it

26 Sep 2014 17:12

I may do the same since she refused me after many trials.

26 Sep 2014 17:24

As 4 me i will think may b she as promise sum1 nt 2 lost her vigin 4 any man except him. Dat was the 1st guy 2 sexy her b4 d rest, so dere 4 i will send her packing bcus dat was d person she attempt 2 loose it 4.

26 Sep 2014 17:36

I will not sent her packing

26 Sep 2014 18:19

I will nt send her packing nd i wil nt beat her or hot her bt d way i wil take follow her she wil be regreting y she marry me nd she be crying all times

26 Sep 2014 18:58

Sending her packing shud be out of it, although it wl be very difficult and heartbroken for the man and for the lady too cos its something she wl regret al her life. But come to think of it o, what is she waiting for after marriage, which kind yeye rest she dey rest. D guy sef dey too dull, he for don start d romance from inside the car, first round on the sofa in the living room and continue after the bath.

26 Sep 2014 19:10

Actually i will nt met that girl again in my life

26 Sep 2014 19:23

hmmm, dis is really strange. D mos anoyin part is dat she refused dis guy 4 many tyms, and it's rather unfortunate dat robbers visited dem. Sendin ha away couldn't b somtin aplyin 2 solv d issue. Bcuz wat meks him 2 acept al dat d girl askd was luv. He should av remember hw he loves her den pet her n tek her home instead. I understnd hw disgust n painful it is, but bcuz of dat luv. It wl b sometin dat cn meks her so submisive 2 him.

26 Sep 2014 19:25

Hmm too bad

26 Sep 2014 19:25

It really painful, unbearable.
Even if d guy didnt send her packing, she herslf will nt be comfortable in d house, @ last, she wil pack out by herslf.

Why is she asking him to wait after Marriage, d guy has really tried. It's unbearable

26 Sep 2014 19:33

Nah he should nt is not rite n its not her fault to

26 Sep 2014 19:42

D guy try very well by even waiting for so long ,how can u not taste the goods that u are buying.Now see d long virginity dat she has being preserving is now been eaten up by some gagas out der.The it wrong eventhough it wasn't his fault.LETS HAVE IT NOW THIS VIRGINITY U HAVE BEING PRESERVING WILL ONE DAY BE EATEN BY WORMS AND TO DUST ALL MY LOST.This is what my girl told me last month.

26 Sep 2014 19:43

I will console her & still love her 4 de sake of love

26 Sep 2014 19:56

gud solution.

26 Sep 2014 20:09

There Is Ntin I Cn Do

26 Sep 2014 20:26

Dere is ntin dere i kn it painful bt u hv 2 let go dat nt her fault one guy sleep with her nt 2 or more wat if she was nt a vigin we u nt marry her u dont ever kn hw many men might sleep wit her u hv 2 4gv and let go 4 luv remember wat God hv join 2gether let no1 put assunder