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21 Sep 2014 14:03

i was travelling with my dad when we both got into an accident.we were badly injured and at the point of death but thank god we were rush to different hospital which are far from the doctor in the hospital saw me as he wanted to attend to me he said 'ade my son wat happenned to you how was that possible whos the doctor

15 Oct 2014 03:08

it is not possible 4 someone 2 leave D hospital when he or she is injured so d person might be "GOD"

21 Oct 2014 22:23

D doctor is ur mum.... Arent females be doctor?

22 Dec 2014 15:13

Ur mum

22 Dec 2014 22:20

Give d names of animal ending with letter (O) e.g. Rhyno

27 Apr 2015 22:18