Nigerian forum: Family & kids - why divorce in marriage
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26 Feb 2014 06:53

need a good ans

26 Feb 2014 09:02

I don't know....I never get married

26 Feb 2014 20:01

I never get married,but divours without reason is a sin

27 Feb 2014 09:19

y wud 2 lovers divorce each other without a reason,their divorcment z based on attitude

18 Mar 2014 13:48

Befor u see 2 luvs get a devoced check em out very well d woman is always at fault. Am not saying men don't do wrong in a relationship but Some women tends to want to comand their husband which any man in his corect sense will never take. Some women will even want to go as far as dating anoda man just bicus dey fund out dat their husband has an extra marital affiar. But forgeting dat a man is presented to marry nd to show d world dat he has 10 wifeis. But woman can't even bost of 2 husband in africa.

3 Apr 2014 14:47

Bcos bible fortell dat in the last day love for many will cool off beside many couple ignore bible principles on marriage.

24 May 2014 01:02

Divorce in marriage happens cos of misundastnding. Though i'm nt married bt i see divorce as lack of enof patience to endure wateva d chalenges mite be

25 May 2014 21:40

Anyth could lead 2 divorce but which ever one is a again.

26 May 2014 08:34

Most tym it coms 4rm d parents pary u don't fall a part 2 it

17 Oct 2014 14:22

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