Nigerian forum: Health - Government Orders Schools To Resume Sept. 22
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15 Sep 2014 16:37

As you may have heard, the Federal Government of Nigeria has ordered Schools to resume the first term of the 2014/2015 Academic Session by Monday the 22nd of September 2014.

You would remember that most Schools were billed to resume by the 8th of September but because of the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) which was trending in the Country then, the Government decided to shift the resumption date to allow for the "containment" of the virus and the disease.

However, the Minister of Health has announced that there is not a single case of ebola virus in the Country right now even though there are still persons who had contacts with EVD patients and are being monitored.

There are various levels of opposition to the announced resumption date.
Some groups have cited the fact that it is not yet 30 days after the death of the Medical Doctor - Dr. Iyke Enemuo in Port Harcourt and thus argue that time should be given to see if any of the contacts he made would come down with the disease.

Some others argue that most Schools do not have good conveniences and it would be difficult to monitor the Students and Pupils to ensure that they observe the basic rules of hygiene

And yet some others argue that the facilities in most Schools are not enough to protect the Students/Pupils from contracting the dreaded virus should there be an epidemic.

The Teachers in most Schools have opposed the resumption date of 22nd of September, even the Nigerian Medical Association has advised that Government makes haste slowly.

What is your own opinion on this matter?
Considering the scourge of ebola virus, the fact that it has no known cure yet, the fact that there is no vaccine right now to check mate its spread, do you think that Schools should resume on the 22nd of September 2014?

Let's know your opinion

16 Sep 2014 21:57

Pls government should let them resume cos it will affect most student if dey don't resume in time

16 Sep 2014 22:21

Itz true it wil affect the academically both in waec and jamb bt health is wealth,so they should shift the resumption date

16 Sep 2014 22:27

Well, There Is A Clear Reasons To Believe Dat Nigeria In A Whole Is Confuse, D Fg. Is Confuse D Health Workers Is Both Confuse Nd Afraid, The Massmedia Nowadays Spread Fake News, Only 2 Change D News Later...Bt Anyhow It Is, We Still Bear D Cross, Cos It Has Already Been Signed 2 Be On 13th Oct. Bt Nw It Is 22nd So Let's Forge Ahead!

16 Sep 2014 22:52

ya,lt d skul resume n sept.22 coz f t s stl shiftd,t wl affct d country entirely

17 Sep 2014 00:55

I think is better

17 Sep 2014 00:59

let d skul resume pls

17 Sep 2014 02:41

Datz d rite decision

17 Sep 2014 02:45

Pls and pls let the school resume back???

17 Sep 2014 10:21

Quote by walechord
Pls government should let them resume cos it will affect most student if dey don't resume in time

Habaa!! Lol.. Bro u funny o.. What if after resumption n the EVD spread, will it not also affect them? Bro Health is wealth. Prevention dey say is better than cure.. If i were 2be in the shoes of the govt, until the last case of the EVD is treated, schools wont open

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17 Sep 2014 11:07
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17 Sep 2014 12:21
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17 Sep 2014 12:47

Let d government not tink about d income they are going 2 loss let us tink about d children's life d government should provide them what they needs b4 resume

17 Sep 2014 13:55

Am a student and i for myself says that student's should not resume on the 22nd of september becuse of the lack of facilities in some schools and the fg didnt provide all the necessary facilities in schools

17 Sep 2014 14:41

As known to every1,ebola is such a contagious disease that can be communicated by contacting the infected person,not to talk of sharing a sharp object,sexual intercouse aS in the case of HIV,to me govt have to make a wise decision to think about the outcome b4 utelising the income,am sure This resumption is dengerous to the lives of innocent student,teachers parents and the country in general since the skul comprises of different ppl from different areas and so they must associate each other,unknwn to the poor students,one among them is carrying the virus unkwn to him/herself.Allah forbid

17 Sep 2014 15:37

forsake evry sinful act give ur life to jesus so dt u wil nt contact ebola virus

17 Sep 2014 20:54

govt shd do what is right

17 Sep 2014 21:56

Let the will of NUT prevails......tanx

17 Sep 2014 23:56
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18 Sep 2014 03:12

We al knw dat d cntry nd its mass r in real confusion abt accdmic rsmption,nobody lft z out.Bt let consider our health frst 'coz health z wealth,at d zam tim,let consider our accdmic,it takes time alot.Bt I urge d govt 2 lt d stdnt rsme d exact day.