Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is It POSSIBLE to still have feelings for your EX while you are married?
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10 Sep 2014 01:25

i want to know if truly in anytime in d marriage would any of d spouse have feelings again for their EX..

10 Sep 2014 18:40

100% possible

10 Sep 2014 18:48
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10 Sep 2014 19:05
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10 Sep 2014 19:07

I agree with u Don-number -1

10 Sep 2014 19:15

1. It possible. 2. It not possible. Why am sayin dat is possible is dat 4dose people who ar nt kno wht dy ar doing is possible 4dem becos when u get married nd u ar still luk outside they wil hv d feeling. 2. Why is nt possible is dat if u get married 2 someone nd dat person is care 4u nd do wht u like 4u oh u wouldn't hv any feeling.

10 Sep 2014 20:22

Its possible,bt d most important fin is dat u shd get married wif som 1 u truly luv.dnt marry out of no choice oor out oof pity.

10 Sep 2014 20:27


10 Sep 2014 20:28

yes, my ex is married but still want me but i always run for her

10 Sep 2014 20:39

It all depend on d situation of ur marriage if ur marriage is hookup wt pregnancy u can still hv feeling 4 ur EX-girl

10 Sep 2014 21:02

Yea.if wat u share wit ur ex is genuine n sumtimes wen ur present is nt actin lyk ur ex or more dan ur ex

10 Sep 2014 21:06

Yeap, it depen on d cn of man u got married to

10 Sep 2014 21:22

It is possible cos some people marry cos there friends are getting married which they don't no d meaning of marriage and when they discover d full meaning u find out there is no true love of marriage between them thereafter they started having issues which remind them of there past how there past ex treated them fine then they will foolishly trying to go back to what they abounded.

10 Sep 2014 21:23


10 Sep 2014 21:24

not good very very bad

10 Sep 2014 21:25

it is possible

10 Sep 2014 22:59

its psble sum evn av affais wt each oda afta mrge

10 Sep 2014 23:03

very possible. let's pray we don't fall into dat temptation.

10 Sep 2014 23:54

It's very possible if truely you love the one that you married, the only thing you can do is that you just shun far the tha you marriage will not collapse.

11 Sep 2014 00:19

As far as I am concerned this happens only in movies. Which feelings? That thing we're calling feelings is lust. Only people who have not learnt to be content with what they have develop this. I think married men and women need to focus on their marriages giving it enough attention inorder for thier love to grow and not give any room for feelings of lust for someone they might have dated before. Thats uncalled for.