Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 10ways to melt a woman's heart
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24 Feb 2014 08:57

10 WAYS TO MELT A WOMAN'S HEART 1. Call Her When you're feeling Sad. 2. Ask to See A Picture of Her; When
She was a Child..! 3. Occasionally Call Her; By Her First
and Middle
Names, 4. When She's feeling Insecure; Stare
Into Her
Eyes and Tell Her; "There is No-One
in the World
Who could be as Right for you as She
Is.." 5. Call Her when you done with your
work.. She
always waiting for that.. 6. Try Desperately; To Make Her
Laugh When
She's feeling Down, and she will. 7. In the Middle of a Conversation;
Tell Her that
you Love Her a lot.. 8. Notice When She's Wearing
Something New,
and give compliment her. 9. Hug Her When She gets Jealous...
Make her
realize only she is the one and only
for U.. 10. Put your Arms Around Her; When
Introduce Her to your friends and
U done with that TRUE OR FALSE

25 Feb 2014 19:40

Wow datz fabulous

21 Oct 2016 17:24

Wow Dats Wonderful It Gives Me A Goose Pimples On My Body

22 Oct 2016 09:35

no be now aday gals
dnt give her money and lets see if all ur loving u will work

9 Nov 2016 11:47

Yes Raymond U Are Right, Anyway As For Me No Man Can Tell Me Story To Win My Heart

9 Nov 2016 13:00


9 Nov 2016 22:45

Stop Hmmm If U Want Talk Talk Make We Hear