Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Can put up with a nagging lady??
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31 Aug 2014 15:51

NAGGING is What women do when they are pissed off and don't have anyone to blame. Usually done to the men that love them and try to treat them right. The question is, can u live with a nagging wife/girlfriend for a long time??

31 Aug 2014 15:53

Living with a nagging woman depends on d situation one finds himself but ideally it's not comfortable at all 2 live with a nagging woman.

1 Sep 2014 13:51

livin wit such depends of u,i beliv wit times she wud defintly change cus dere ntin imposible 4 God.Tanks

1 Sep 2014 15:02

Y nt

1 Sep 2014 18:06


1 Sep 2014 18:06

I Cant @all! Is Like A Parasite In Ones Life

1 Sep 2014 21:53

That means that u have a short days to live on earth

1 Sep 2014 21:55


1 Sep 2014 21:55


1 Sep 2014 21:56

yeah wit reasoning

1 Sep 2014 21:57

To put up with a nagging lady is nt easy as well.

1 Sep 2014 22:50

No, is like somebody committing suicide

1 Sep 2014 23:22

is like sending some one to exzile

2 Sep 2014 01:01

A nagging lady s a nagging lady, no matter wht u do 2mk her happy, my Dear she will neva change or else she knws tht wht she s doing s bad.

2 Sep 2014 01:28

dats true

2 Sep 2014 09:31

Hi Mr Can u combine a parasite nd A nagging women or man? Do u un/stand wot u r saying! Coz d 2 roles r completely different ; Hw do dey complimnt each oda @ all?

2 Sep 2014 10:05

GENDER EQUALITY? Is Being Subsided In Dis Topic!!!! Y shud dis Topic Revolve arouind A Lady Or women ????? I wish d Guys dat always choose d Ladies to be bad persons,, Will Hv To Count der Own Mothers Into The Equation 1st! Coz It Takes 2 to tango! Do anybody believe any person can jst decide 1day I want to be A nagging person! NO Coz Every Actioin Has A Reaction! Nd Honestly Speaking If A Man Is A Naaaaag den He is 10Times worst Den A Lady! Acknowledge d facts its A 2way Matter, MEN as well As Ladies. If We As An Society wants To Get To D Crux Of Matter ,, Den We Need To Be Sincere ! We Partake To Better D Situation Not Worsten It:,,,, Ppl In Dis Situation Shud Acknowledge Der Spouse ,Kids or Families R Suffering By der Behaviour Nd Choose To Change! Lets Enhance POSITIVITY!

2 Sep 2014 10:13

Most nagging women cheat.. Same applies to the men

2 Sep 2014 10:16

@ penny, dere's neva i naggin man n plz dnt misundstand a man's bhaviour wen he's tired n wants out of a bad relationship 4 naggin. Naggin is sumtin dat sum ladies carry inbuilt n sum learn deirs,sum gals nagg so mch witout realisin dat notin drives a man close 2 d poit of runnin out of his home dan a naggin wife.if dere's anytin u'll wana defend abt d gal child plz plz let it nt b naggin coz 2 we d men its worst dan death itself...if my mum nagged wit my dad dats d business bt "I JUST CANT TAKE IT"

2 Sep 2014 10:38

Thank u very much Victorj53; u understood d context of d debate, @Pennyo: men dont nag, there's nothing like a nagging man, men can be overbearing hence d complimentary topic "can u live with an overbearing spouse?, so pls pennyo, no offense pls just topic 4 debate, people do learn more, make corrections to/ammend their pattern of living after participating in topics such as this. Thank u all. Let's keep d spirit on