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23 Feb 2014 18:10

why we ladies put on micro tops, skirt, gawns and bum shourt
can any body tell me?

25 Feb 2014 15:39

maybe coz they are proud of wt they have...

15 May 2014 10:25

not for anytin just for attracting men

28 May 2014 14:05

they r not confident about themselves. real men r not after our outer appearance. they r more concern about what is inside you.

3 Aug 2014 15:03

Men take you for a prostitute

29 Sep 2014 15:33

D way ure dressed is d way ure addressed

13 Jan 2015 11:26

2 Admire d guyz

19 May 2015 20:36

2 look beautiful

4 Sep 2015 04:51

Because those clothes were made to be worn by ladies

6 Sep 2015 09:45

Bcos we want to show how useless we are and to tell men dat we don't av any worth we lack moderation we are for general so no privacy nothing to hide

17 Jun 2016 19:31

The word should be some of those useless girls want men to see their worthlessness. not all we ladies ok?

17 Aug 2016 21:37

Dey See It As Sometin Normal All In D Name Of Civilazation And 2 Show Men Wat Dey Sell Is 2 Bad