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22 Feb 2014 14:10

Singles, prepare urself b4 u go in2 marriage. It is not boyfriend n girlfriend issue. D man u know y courting will be another man after marriage. So all d mr biggs u need to eat u beta eat it nw bcos after marriage, is pot of soup u will be talking about n d children skul fees. I advice u it is not fun is real

22 Feb 2014 14:35


23 Feb 2014 10:05
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6 Mar 2014 01:58

A friend who understands ur tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your Smile! Dear Singles pls keep this behind ur mind wen choosing life partners or friends

19 Sep 2016 23:51

Hope 4 D Singles Nowadays Is Slim Men Dat Are Ready 2 Settle Has Refuse 2 Marry All Complaining Of Job And Money God Have Mercy On Dis Country. I Which D Government Can Give Loan 2 D Men Dat Are Of Age