Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - does love have a cure?
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22 Feb 2014 13:55

Worry cannot solve it. So u don’t have to worry about love, b’coz as long as God exists you will ALWAYS have someone who unconditionally loves you.

24 Feb 2014 12:43

Yes off cause it only the matter of time to found true love

1 Mar 2014 13:04

True Love is like a hidden treasure. Only the strongest, ultimate warriors who dig & dredge deeply can find it. It's the best ware in our world money cannot buy. In fact, it's not blind but hidden among the virtuous... ... ...

3 Mar 2014 19:53

love is like is a narrow bridge thats need extra care to cross so be careful how u fall in love.

6 Mar 2014 01:53

A Real Woman can handle all her problems alone but a real man won't let her do that. Dat's true love.

3 Oct 2016 21:30

Yes 00 My Bro God Is Luv I No Am Nt Alone