Nigerian forum: Literature - 'LOVE'S LABOR' CHAPTER THREE.
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22 Aug 2014 20:42

"Excuse me."The deep baritone made her turn.Tall,bearded,bespectacled,the man looked every inch an academic,a philosopher,wt an arrogance born of authority.A pair of dark,piercin eyes looked at her from behind his glasses,the penetratin look balanced by a thick trimmed beard.
Did he knw the effect he had on women?
"Yes?"Piali quickly regained her composure,amazed at the way the stranger had affected her."Did u cal me?"
He smiled.There was no one else wtin ten yards.She felt juvenile.
"Piali Roy.Hi,I am Sathya Nair.U r headin the teachers group going to Panchgani,I'm the man who carries the cash."He extended his right hand.
To be continued.

24 Aug 2014 04:18
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3 Sep 2014 18:30

"Oh,okay.Mrs.Krishnan just told me abt u,"Pia almost blushed,conscious of the firm hand holdin hers.
Mrs.Krishnan was the school principal.A visionary and a strict administrator she had been quick to spot Piali's leadership qualities.Although she was relatively new,Mrs.Krishnan chose her to head the delegation going to Panchgani for the Moral Rearmament (MRA) Camp.
Piali attributed her selection to her NCC trainin and the rigorous camp that gave her an edge over her non-NCC peers.The trainin had made her a leader,a team player,a communicator and built her confidence like few other activities had done.Barely a yr into her job,Piali was thrilled at the confidence reposed in her butt before she could thank her,Mrs.Krishnan started talkin again.
"Sathya wil be the financier,u av to coordinate wt him for the expenses and ensure that the teachers behave."
Mrs.K's child-like laugh brought a gleam to her eyes,and flashed a glimpse of the real person behind the stern persona.
Pia smiled,studyin psychology in college often helped her look beyond facades givin her a depth of understandin she may nt av had otherwise.
"Ma'am,who is Sathya?
Mrs.K gave a quizzical look from above her glasses and answered in a controlled tone,"Mr.Nair's son"
Mr.APJ Nair was the chairman of the school,a much revered,much feared man on campus.
Stories of how he had started five schools after the success of this one were the talk of town.His demand for donations durin admission,his corruption,the fleet of cars he owned,were part of the Nair Saga.
Oh my God,if the father is lyk this,hw is the son?
Apprehensive,Pia walked out quietly from the principal's office.
"Hello.Whr r u lost?"Sathya's voice jerked her back to reality.This very handsome disturbin man was havin a strange effect on her,but he was born of a corrupt father;that should be enought reason to keep him at a distance.
Piali smiled as cheerfully as she could and responded in an upbeat tone."Right here sir."She did a mock salute.
"Any instructions for me?"
"To start wt,the name is Sathya."His eyes smiled as he waved an expensive mobile at her,"We need to exchange phone numbers to be able to co-ordinate.Piali gave him her number and waited for her cellphone to vibrate.She saved his number and looked up at him
"Anythin else si....Sathya?
"We'll reach the station by seven pm,;the team knws that,I'm sure?"Sathya ticked off things on his cheeklist.
"I'm sure."
"U're my sole point of contact.I knw no one else in the team,so I'm dependin on to help us bridge the gap."
"Will be done."Piali sounded every bit the cadet takin orders.
She only stopped short of sayin 'commander'.Sathya smiled at the gutsy,young teacher.He liked her.

14 Mar 2015 23:43