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22 Aug 2014 12:46

How to win money with Paypal Affiliate Program

Did you know that you could make money with Paypal without having to spend any dollar with it or doing any work you actually do to receive your payments?

Many people already use this system provided by Paypal and they make money with it.
Paypal is very good to send and receive money in a secure way via Internet and for almost every part of the world. Paypal is available in 190 countries and regions in the world.
The system is quite simply. Basically is to make money through the money that others move. It’s Paypal that provides this system so we are 100% safe about their legality.
This is Paypal affiliate system where you could invite others to use Paypal.
Through the program, affiliates can earn up to $1000 for that.

How does the affiliate program works?

The program works as follows:
You have to refer new users and if they open a Business or Premier account you will received 0.5% of all payments that person receives for the next 12 months. For example imagining that I invite one person to signup within paypal and he do that from now on I got 0.5% of all payments it receives over the next 12 months. Of course without any value discounted from the new member.
The value of the bonus is paid every month when the new member receives $200 payments. This bonus is limited at a maximum of $1000 or a time limit of 12 months what happens first.

How to get new members?

First we must have our own link so you can invite. Below I explain where you could find your link. After you have the link there are several options:
Invite by email - You can send one email to your contacts with the link and a short text to explain what is Paypal and the benefits that the system has.
Add a Paypal banner in a blog or a site - if you have a blog or a website why not do a little advertising to Paypal.
Speaking of Paypal on a blog or a site - apart from putting the banner why not write a text about Paypal and the great advantages of using it.

Where to find the link?

The link is not listed as an area to draw attention in our Paypal account. There is one menu a little below the details of the account. In this menu we can find a link "referrals" and there is that we have to click. The next page will show the link we need in addition to a banner with the HTML code that can use if we wish.
When a new member register a Business or Premier account through our link we receive one email saying that we refer someone that signups under a Business or Premier account and we are eligible to receive the bonus. There is no place in our account where we can see how many members we have referred so if we want to maintain such details we have to save those emails.
This Affiliate Program has a small rule that excludes some payments. Payments received for sales on eBay do not count towards the bonus. That is when the member who raised the cash for having sold something on eBay we do not receive the 0.5% of value

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