Nigerian forum: Family & kids - can wife be older than husband?
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22 Aug 2014 06:01

can u guy marry girl dat her age pass ur age(example:guy 25 and the girl is 30

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23 Aug 2014 16:15


23 Aug 2014 16:21

it possibls but nt many

23 Aug 2014 19:44

No i cant bcos there will be no respect

23 Aug 2014 19:46

Y not, it depend

23 Aug 2014 19:47

Age is just a number

24 Aug 2014 11:08


25 Aug 2014 11:53

When you are matured in your mind then you will realise age is never a barrier to a relationship

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25 Aug 2014 11:54

Age nah number and maturity doesn't talks about how old u are, if u both are matured and you guys loved each other who says u can't marry a older lady. Maturity is from the mind but if u allow the age thing get to ur head there will be problem that's why u find out some ladies are still single cus of this

25 Aug 2014 22:17

you guys shouldn't try rubish!if any man try it he wil use his mouth 2 fan his body.

25 Aug 2014 22:28

tank u all for ur opion and ur support

26 Aug 2014 05:04

Is not too good to do such a thing! Some people did it because of money, and such relationship dont always have a good ended.

26 Aug 2014 09:16

yes i can't marry a lady older dan me....

26 Aug 2014 09:37

Is very possible wit mutual consent and respect for each other.

26 Aug 2014 11:42

Yes ofcourse the age difference is never a barrier but d level of maturity of mind among them. Some olive a better happy home than a man being older, facts.

26 Aug 2014 15:56

There is nothing wrong wt dat so far there is love and understanding but d difference shouldn't be much, let say 1 or 2 years cos of d factors dat work against women we tend to look older than men.

26 Aug 2014 17:17

Hey dude do u know ur brain is too small to think Rasional! Wat has age got to do with love! U hv to grow up nd learn to love! Dat mean u don't even un/stand d way God Love cos u r bitter with urself! Small mentality,

26 Aug 2014 17:28

If there is love it is possible.

26 Aug 2014 21:39

yes,if there is understandin nd love

26 Aug 2014 21:41

Yes ,is good for woman to be older dan man