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19 Aug 2014 19:07

It was a plunge from somethin highly refine to highly people-oriented.And it was a shift I had started to enjoy.I leisurely walked through the hall,moving from one paintin to another.I reached the end of the hall,whr the restricted area of bank operations began,and was abt to turn around wen a door suddenly swung open and two men walked out.Both looked lyk typical bankers.One was a baldin and bespectacled gentleman.His wavy-haired colleague,however,was the one who caught my attention.
It couldnt be.A surge of forgotten emotions suddenly swept throug me,and though I fought the desire.I couldnt help bt look at him again.I turned my head away sharply-it was Ryan,in the flesh and blood.I shivered.The last thing I wanted was for him to see me.Absorbed in his conversation,he stopped a few paces ahead of me and I panicked.I had to get out of there and quickly.I bent my head low,used my Ipad to shield my face,and slowly started to tiptoe away.I blessed whoever had created the Ipad,nt only could I use it to msg and cal my contacts,get directions,and store information bt it could also be used to hide from people.
"Excuse me,"I heard a voice behind me.
'Excuse me."It was louder this tym.
Forced to turn around,I had no other option bt to acknowledge the security person standin in front of me.
"U'r nt allowed here ma'am.This is a restricted area."
All eyes were suddenly upon me.In my panic on seeing Ryan,I had actually moved towards the restricted area,rather than away from it.I lowered the Ipad and nodded at the security man.I was resigned as I turned back,knowin that while many eyes had glanced my way,there was one pair that I would be unable to escape from.Ryan was lookin at me and suddenly,I had no option left bt to look back at him.
It had been ten yrs since I had last seen him.He walked up to me."Well,helo there."
My heart began to thump in my chest.I felt the same strange fluttery feelin wen I heard his voice,the way I had all those yrs ago.
"Hi,"I managed,clutchin the Ipad a bit too tightly.
"Nice to see u here.Long tym no see,haan?"
"Yes,unexpected,"I mumbled and nodded.Although I had spent yrs preparin witty replies,at this very moment I couldnt recall a single one.Once again,I had become tongue-tied before him.
Ryan smiled.His smile hadnt changed,it was still lyk sunshine,startin on his lips,and endin in his eyes.
"Pleasantly unexpected,"he said emphasizin the first word.
Ryan looked good.His hair,nw a little grey,was still unmanageable,needin gel to hold it in place.His eyes still had that twinkle and his smile and deep voice could still do unmentionable tinz to my insides.I tried to look away.
"So what r u doing here?"he asked.
"Work.Art exhibition.Work."I fervently hoped that the three words had conveyed everythin I wanted to say.
"U mean u'r workin wt ds art exhibition?"he asked,surprised.
I sighed.Apparently I had nt conveyed my meanin in three words.
"No,I'm here in Singapore for work,and I wanted to check out the art exhibition today,because I'll be busy from 2mrw.
"Oh,nice,"he said,his brow clearin.
"What abt u?"I asked.It was the only polite thing to do in the current situation.
"I work here,"he said,"as VP Operations".
I noted the look of pride on his face as he gave me his designation.Yes,his job and his career really mattered to him.
"I was just headin out for a meetin.
Can u join me for coffee later this evenin?"
It was an offer I would av jumped at years ago.Bt today was another day-I could no longer handle the emotional upheaval that I underwent wen he was around.It was unnervin,the effect he had on me.
"No Ryan,nt today.

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Kip it up try harder

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keep it coming admin I believe we're in for another interesting story

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I av work,"I protested.
"Maybe some other tym?"he asked hopefully as he pulled out his Iphone and scanned his schedule.I could do nothin bt look at his face.A strand of hair strayed over his temple;it suited him.Hw could he still look so gud?"Tomorrow evenin den?"
I had my answer ready.I was nt going to meet Ryan at any cost.I smiled sweetly."Oh,that's too bad.I'll be leavin in the evenin.
End of chapter one,chapter two loading.Ur comment can mk me post all d chapters in a

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I cn't wait to see d end of d story

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Please is that the end to the BETRAYAL??

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Keep it rolling

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You are nt completing d episodes