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18 Aug 2014 10:07

Like many societal problems, racism has its origins and its solutions, in biology and socialization.

People are racist, even in "post racial" modern times. People do judge on sight, and people do suffer discrimination. Seeing it for what it is is a powerful tool. Ripping off the rose colored glasses allows people to detect and define shades of gray that are never black or white.

However, one is forced to ask " WHAT COULD BE THE CAUSE(S) OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND HOW CAN WE ABATR IT?" comments please....

18 Aug 2014 16:39
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19 Aug 2014 02:30

To me racism is mostly caused by ego. Feeling superior to others.

19 Aug 2014 12:19

Racism, discrimination is as a result of ones mentality..... while 4 me am perfectly OK with my complexion

17 Sep 2016 14:31