Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - AGE DESCRIMINATION IN RELATIONSHIPS
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15 Aug 2014 16:16

Days ago a friend came to me to help him beg his girlfriend who was about to cross a line between them(to break up i mean). now somewhere along the line she said something that really shocked me to my marrows, and i quote "over my dead-body will i date someone am senior to, even if its with just a day i will never try that again" now she simply broke up with my friend because she just got to know shes older than him with just a year, 2months, 3 weeks and 5days. my friend takes good care of her no doubts but despite all his good shes still being irritated with the age gap. This is not the first am seeing or hearing but to cut the long story short my question is, WHY IS AGE A PROBLEM IN RELATIONSHIPS especially for the ladies. if you are far older they'll see you as a `sugar daddy' if you are younger they'll see you as `smallie'. tell me what you think about this.

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19 Aug 2014 17:57

Wel as 4 me i cnt date a guy dat am older than even if am olda dan d guy wit 1 second,i cnt date him,i cn dat a guy dat is olda dan me highest 35 of age,aslongas he is gudlukin,he is comfortable,nt maried yet,he cn take gud care of me,he has a very gud job,educated,God fearin.etc.any guy above d age of 35 2 me is a sugar daddy,and i cnt date such cos dey sucks.

20 Aug 2014 04:49

As long as both parties decides not to be old at heart no problem. age us a physical phenomenon but the heart is not.