Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - meeting someone through social media can longlasting relationship exist?
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13 Aug 2014 18:26

it depends on motive of an individuals some could pretend to have feeling but his only interested in sleeping with u.

14 Aug 2014 13:12

some who really have true feelings are not given chances to express their mind attimes

14 Aug 2014 13:16

Hmmmm!nice one wit my own knowledge I tink it can lastlong it depends on the level of understanding how communicate dey are to each oda also if truly they love each oda nd are ready to work 2geda also what can make it last is if dey trust each oda nd commited "it is said that who u are telling lie to may not no,but d person telling the lie nos its not true or vice versa"and it depends on d way dey both talk as In d type of conversation made.I tink it can last long

14 Aug 2014 13:19

some guys or ladies think all are d same and what makes dem think like dat is dey don't let der past to leave der heart which is very bad d more they think d more dey suffer nd it can never brings favour or smile back to der broken heart

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14 Aug 2014 13:26

yeah ,am among 4rm jigawa state, hausa by tribe met with tiv 4rm benue and i thank god 4 understanding ,

14 Aug 2014 13:38

It can last long if both of u wanted it to. My fear for most ladies is that they have this believe dat guys are lier and not to b trusted. But let me tell something, 'without trust, its difficult to love.' and without love, no relationship can last long. Learn to do away with ur past. Life is about learn, unlearn and relearn. Only d one who can do these 3 will love life.

14 Aug 2014 14:38

It depends greatly on people that maybe involve

14 Aug 2014 15:26

Get 1 first n tell me

14 Aug 2014 16:27

sotimes is gud but somtime no.cos dis world is bcoming somtinelse u might b chartin wit a witch or wizard u dnt knw u might b chartin wit a devil.ciously b4 u can date a guy on social network u need 2 pray

14 Aug 2014 17:06

Yeah, it can last long depending on your interest.

14 Aug 2014 19:28

To my own understanding,nothing can hindered it to lastlong,bcoz it lies on ur own hands wheather to crumble it or to nurse it

14 Aug 2014 20:18

what if d partner pretends

14 Aug 2014 21:04

Social netwrk is a place whre guys/chicks tend 2 expose there lies. its hard 2 bliv each oda.

14 Aug 2014 21:27

you very correct we all have to be careful...

14 Aug 2014 22:37

We just ave to be careful. Expectally to those ladies who are always carried away by material tins.

14 Aug 2014 23:42

Social network relationship last long depends on your mission and purpose. If you are good on language interpretation,you will know most guys are looking for who to sleep with. Few guys are good but most pretend and their first point agenda is to invite you over. With prayer you can meet someone awesome.

15 Aug 2014 00:07

It does exist, I met a gurl on eskimi 4yrs ago, though we are no longer in relationship, yet we remain best friends and she's getting married december 20th dis year, so it is real and am still searching for such genuine Love

15 Aug 2014 01:38

Love exist and i beliv in love' many guys are very nice genlty looking 4 a lady dat wil make dem hpi. Maybe he see a lady dat he the d tym he start chating wit d girl.d guy may ask her to see each the girl wil turn may she dey lagos.4 she to pay her foolsh interest.she wil say dat, she is in ondo beni osun.dat u shuld send HER T.P. Dere corrupting some of our guys dat are genlty and interesting to make gud frnd here.

15 Aug 2014 01:50

Gud relationship need understand trust submit.above all things love sincere between each me am luking 4 a girl who can love me can 4me as i do?

15 Aug 2014 04:30

yea it does, social medial relationship long last bt its a mata of understanding, bt base on dis century it vry hard 2 meet faithful-one, may God b wit us, bt i beliv he exist. {Prince}