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12 Aug 2014 13:53

BlackBerry Bold smartphones are really known in Nigeria. Starting with the first BB Bold 9000 and ending with the latest 7th Generation Bold handsets, the series remains in top positions.
Even though they all belong to one series, Bolds are quite different phones, and of course, their prices vary. I tried to find out, what are the cheapest ways to get good BlackBerry Bold phones in Nigeria.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 was the first Bold series phone. It came as a smartphone with good features. More info about the model here:
The phone was released back in 2008, so its price is low now. You can get a BlackBerry Bold 1 in Nigeria for 10000-15000 Naira. What smartphone has any better price?

The newest BlackBerry Bold 9790 is a good 3G Smartphone. It is very popular in Nigeria market, because you can get a phone with stunning features for a reasonable price.
Of course, the price depends on many factories. We offer you to take a look at Mobofree market suggestions. Either you want a new or a fairly used phone, I am sure the prices here are the best! They range from 20000 to 50000 Naira.

You can also check various BlackBerry Bold phone prices and models available:

12 Aug 2014 21:40

Much is bold 6

12 Aug 2014 22:53