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12 Aug 2014 11:38

BlackBerry Bold 9700 or Bold 2 is one of 3G BlackBerry phones. It came out as an improved version of BlackBerry Bold 9000 ( In fact, they were not just minor improvements, the phone is much better than the previous version in so many aspects.

First of all, Bold 9700 is much more modern smartphone. BB Bold 2 has a touch-sensitive optical trackpad, which replaced trackball. However, it still has a full QWERTY physical keyboard, which makes texting so much more comfortable. The phone contains a 2.44-inch display, offering a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels. In conclusion, BlackBerry Bold 2 is physically convenient to use.

BlackBerry Bold smartphones were criticised for their 2MP camera. A good thing is that BlackBerry Bold 2 comes with an improved 3.MP camera, offering much better picture quality. The camera features video recording capability, autofocus, image stabilisation, LED flash, and 2X digital zoom.

Even though Bold 2 shares the same 624 MHz processor with BB Bold 9000, the 9700 phone has 256 MB RAM, so the phone performance is much better and faster. You can browse the Internet using Wi-Fi, text through BBM, listen to music using well equipped media player - your phone will work smoothly.
Blackberry Bold 9700 has a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS support and Blackberry maps. It is a great improvement, just adding to the quality of a smartphone.

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