Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - WHY DO THE GUYS DO THE SPENDING IN A RELATIONSHIP???
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12 Aug 2014 06:17

My girlfriend says i am the one to take care of her. I take of her. I got her BB Z10 just recently, this is a phone i have never used in my life . I pay her hostel rent. I do my best to meet her needs. But she thinks its not ok, she complains alot...her request for money is high. She even expects me to pay her school fees next semester.
Now my question is:

-is a guy supposed to cater for his girlfriend whom he is not even sure of getting married to? Ofcourse no man would love to plant and see another harvest.
-is it right for a girl to be always on the demanding and receiving side?
- aside s3x, love, care and respect what other thing can a lady give her man to please him?

Please drop your comments.. I wanna know.

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12 Aug 2014 11:36
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12 Aug 2014 12:10
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12 Aug 2014 12:15
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12 Aug 2014 12:15
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12 Aug 2014 13:17

The higher you demand for sex,the highest she demand for money. It is maintenance fee which is normal

12 Aug 2014 13:21

Every day i keeps asking d same question. Why did our society favor ladies to guys? I dnt believe in guys doing everything. I prefer 50/50. My take on dis is dnt over spend for her bcos she is not yet urs. She also did nt hav dignity. Dats y she keeps demanding. Such a lady loves u for what u have not for who u are. Real ladies dnt always demand.

12 Aug 2014 13:25
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12 Aug 2014 13:40

A real man that is highly responsible will never go 50/50 with his woman except a stingy man. The pride of a man is to give 90\10 to a woman he loves. If a lady don't demand from you,it is either she wants to pin you down with pretend or havin a guy she is milking at the corner. Let a lady demands,it is the strength of a man. Real ladies demand to know the challenges ahead and ready to support if possible.

12 Aug 2014 14:15

It composary 2spnd for his lover bt nt 2mch, atlist 70/30%

12 Aug 2014 16:30

Hm dat wrong me ar u kan se wen i told my gal dat i luv her she acepted dn i summon d courage ne told her dat diz relationship we re is it 4 material luv or aggape love she gav we d anser luv as u kan se she has neva 1 day ask me 4 money but i taste her luv i luv her bt iv she ask me uf money sumtyms i kan giv her bt dat nut everytim

u cause it at d first place

12 Aug 2014 16:54

Shnnn, this is sirus ISSUE & gud qustn 4 evry mature guys & gays 2 answered. Its gud 4 a lady 2 demand 4m his LOVER one; but they shuld nt let dr demnd 2much or over power her bfrnd. Becus if u & ur gfrnd are wking class, her demnd w be limit & ur relationshp w be GOOD, FINE & ATTRACTIVE 2 others lovers outside. Pls guys & gays on net, let pray 4 d right person 2 our life; thank u all & god BLESS us.

12 Aug 2014 18:01

Wel i dnt like ladies dat demand too much,as for me i have a boyfriend then first day i ask him to send me money he 2ld me dat he didnt have since then i decided nt to ask him except he use his mind and hw wish i didnt love him i could have another lover at his back and he we neva no about it,so am pleading on the ladies to be careful wth there man shuld at least reduce the rate of demanding

12 Aug 2014 18:18

@oluremi, I dzagri wit ur point by sayn real ladies do demand,, nshort u av shown d typ of lady u ar wit ur comment,,, real ladies neva demand 4 anyfin buh U as man shld knw ur responsibilities!! ♍♈ advice †̥♥ u guyz s dat if u av any lady dat s †̥♥♥ demandn u beta leav ha nw cuz she's only afta wat u av

12 Aug 2014 18:19

cus the guys do the fucking

12 Aug 2014 18:30

@oluremi, I dzagri wit ur point by sayn real ladies do demand,, nshort u av shown d typ of lady u ar wit ur comment,,, real ladies neva demand 4 anyfin buh U as man shld knw ur responsibilities! A lady dat †̥♥♥ demandn only afta d guy's money.... Den d issue of avin d man dat s milkn ha or wateva'' Man cn neva certify a lady even u bye dem a car nd house it won't stop dem †̥♥ go on a DATE wit pple lyk dangote or mike adenuga

12 Aug 2014 18:32

I don't support the girl because u don't love for money,the way i see it the girl doesn't love you, so i advise u look for another person that loves u 4 who u are friend.
There is a girl that will never ask you for anything,seek for her.

12 Aug 2014 18:36

wel is simply becos a man is d head of a woman so he has d responsibility of taking kia of hw if u take gud kia of ur gal it show u can take gud kia of ur wife wen u are married

12 Aug 2014 19:06


12 Aug 2014 20:14

My guy is beter u quit that relationship so that she won't run u down look for another gal pls invest ur money in land properties u will see a gal will be dere for u wether money or not believe me that gal has some one she love not u cos any woman that loves u won't want u to spend unecesery