Nigerian forum: Literature - "CANVAS OF DREAMS" CHAPTER ONE
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11 Aug 2014 23:15

As the plane landed Changi Airport in Singapore,the sun was setting on the distant horizon.As I adjusted the time on my watch,I reminded myself of the resolution I had made in Mumbai.
I was here for work,but I would make time to relax and unwind as well.This would be my holiday,a break from Mumbai routine,a well-deserved vacation that I desperately needed.
I was here to attend the "South Asian Curators Summit" a platform for global art participants like me.While I participated frequently in such meets,this time the host city was new to me.
Singapore beckoned wt its wide,dark-gray streets,green trees and blue skies into a world that was spic,span and shining.The beautiful city was also home to several fine artists whose work I Longed to view.
I av made my bookings at the holiday Inn,and I hailed a taxi to take me to the hotel,located off Orchard Road.After a quick shower and a hot meal.I checked my planner for the itinerary of the conference.This was a three-day syposium and I had an extra three days all to myself.I decided to shop toward the end of my stay.
I had decided to stay off by doing something really special.The pop art show that I was scheduled to visit today was one of a kind.It had been arranged by the Bank of Bredges,on their premises.The show focused on the works,of Andy Warhol,a great American artist renowned for his pivotal role in the pop art movement.I simply had to see it.
Using the maps feature on my Ipad for directions,I hailed a taxi.I had already booked my passes online,and an easy SMS now got me inside.How technology had changed the world I lived in!
I walked up the large marble steps and through the glass doors into the exhibition area.It was beautiful.The walls on either side were covered wt portraits of Marilyn Monroe,Mao Ise-Tung,Elvis Presley,Marlon Brando,Muhammed Ali and images of Campbell Soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles,all Andy Warhol creations.Whateva the critics said when he first started out,he was an artist who had the courage to challenge the high-brow world of fine art.
The exhibition was fascinatin.I felt as if I had been transported into another world,modern,contemporary and closer to real life.Pop art or popular art was people's art,more relevant and real.To be continued.....
Your comment will keep me going.LAWLAH01.

12 Aug 2014 14:20

Nice one,next chapter

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that is next one pls

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