Nigerian forum: Literature - "LOVE'S LABOR" CHAPTER TWO
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11 Aug 2014 22:13

Up until six months ago,Piali was living wt her family and workin in a public school in Jamshedpur,Jharkhand.A quaint steel township,Jampot,as it was fondly called,was known for its quality education,just the place for someone wt Piali's dreams to become an English teacher in a reputed school.Unlike many of her friends whose parents imposed their own unfulfilled dreams on their children,she was fortunate to have parents who supported her all along;they sent her to Jadavpur University to study English literature and helped her follow her hearts desire.
It was Piali's first job interview.She faced a panel of six somber- lookin academicians.The number of candidates waitin outside would av intimated a pro,but Piali Roy could move mountains wt her smile and confidence.Her mother tot she would av made a gud lawyer,but Piali had other dreams.
"Do u tink u'll be able to handle the eighth class?That's a demandin group,in terms of age and academic requirements".said the principal.
"Ma'am,I dnt tink.I knw I can".
Her response made the board smile;here was a refreshin change from the melee of indifferent candidates they regularly met.
"U r only twenty-three."The secretary was incredulous,his moustache bristling.
"Sir,by this age Kerats was already famous"Pia smiled as she retorted.
Her interrogator nodded appreciatively,his smile barely hidden.
Her confidence earnestness and luv for her subject got Piali her first job.
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12 Aug 2014 16:52

i need more pls

18 Aug 2014 16:23

more please

27 Aug 2014 11:15

Nice one

28 Aug 2014 23:37

I'm loving this