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10 Aug 2014 18:23

Hi, pls can someone get Tecno L3 hardware? My phone is not responding 2 touchscreen and new parts have been with the phone but still it not responding. Given to an engineer, he said it has hit the panel badly. Can someone get a panel parts of d phone

10 Aug 2014 18:26

Pls i nid ur help. can i get a Tecno L3 hardware part attached to the touchscreen here. My phone has been down since 5 months ago. Pls help me consult engineers.

11 Aug 2014 18:23

my pin is 79810e74

11 Aug 2014 22:45

What is pin in this matter! don't u get the topic

11 Aug 2014 23:41

U get mouth jor, troooney

12 Aug 2014 13:50

are these replies?

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