Nigerian forum: Health - Preventions For Ebola Virus: Add Salt To Water, Boil And Use It In Bathing; Drink Part Of The Boiled Salt Water As Well…Is This Real?
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8 Aug 2014 18:31

Preventions For Ebola Virus
There has been a trending measure to the prevention of EBOLA VIRUS which applies that:
Add Salt To Water, Boil And Use It In Bathing; Drink Part Of The Boiled Salt Water As Well.
The question now is “whose idea is this?” is there any scientific evidence that can prove 20% effectiveness of this so-called measure?…This is just like running from one problem into another one. The Danger in washing the body with salty water isn’t bearable let alone the intake of salt which can bring harm to the body. Let we the Nigerians use our Brains rather than trying to prevent ourselves from what will never get to us at the expense of our dear lives.
If we insist on preventive mesasures for EBOLA VIRUS we can still make do with the underlisted measures:
wearing of protective clothing (such as masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles)
the use of infection-control measures (such as complete equipment sterilization and routine use of disinfectant)
isolation of Ebola HF patients from contact with unprotected persons.
The aim of all of these techniques is to avoid contact with the blood or secretions of an infected patient. If a patient with Ebola HF dies, it is equally important that direct contact with the body of the deceased patient be prevented.
CDC, in conjunction with the World Health Organization, has developed a set of guidelines to help prevent and control the spread of Ebola HF. Entitled Infection Control for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers In the African Health Care Setting, the manual describes how to:
recognize cases of viral hemorrhagic fever (such as Ebola HF)
prevent further transmission in health care setting by using locally available materials and minimal financial resources.
Written & Compiled by:
Engr Olowoyo Samuel

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9 Sep 2014 11:05

Obviously, it is not real, given the outcome of the exercise as practiced by some people about a month ago. It was reported the health condition of some people degenerated drastically while some actually died.

9 Sep 2014 11:12

tank u very much

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17 Sep 2016 17:48

Lol D Day U Wil Try It U Wil No The Diff/btween Maggi & Salt