Nigerian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - BlackBerry Bold 4 price in Nigeria
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8 Aug 2014 10:47

BlackBerry Bold 9780, also known as Bold 4 (read about the model here:, released in 2010, is a very popular phone in Nigeria. It came out with many new features and updates. Specs like updated OS, 5MP camera, or optical trackpad do add to the value of the device, but its price remains very cheap.

You can always find this model in the biggest supermarkets or specialized phone shops. Their prices vary from 50.000 Naira to 60.000 NGN. By the way, you can order the phone from online stores for the same price.

Buying a fairly used Bold 4 is also an option. They might be Nigeria or abroad used phones (e.g imported from the UK). You can find a perfectly working used phone for 10.000-20.000 Naira. Don’t know where to find trusted sellers? Try MoboFree market place!

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