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8 Aug 2014 10:46

BlackBerry Bold 9780, also known as Bold 4, is one of the best phones in Nigeria market. The smartphone received immediate success back in 2010 and remains one of the best-selling devices today.

The phone body will be familiar to BB owners, as Bold series phones are very similar in terms of size and other details. They are 4.29 inches tall by 2.36 inches wide by 0.56 inch thick. It is a great fit of a messaging device and phone. With the optical touch pad, it is comfortable to navigate through the phone and surf net or move through menu. The full QWERTY keyboard brings the best typing experience.

Despite being a cheap smartphone, Bold 4 does stand out because of its new features. Bold 9780 updates the popular Bold series with BlackBerry OS 6, bringing with it such improvements as a more-capable browser, enhanced multimedia capabilities, and a refreshed interface. Users also like great 5MP camera with flash, which takes wonderful photos. Moreover, BlackBerry doubled the onboard memory to 512 MB so that all your files could be stored. If it is still not enough, you can always put a MicroSD memory card into the device.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a great phone for picky buyers. The phone was designed as an improved version of previous BlackBerry Bold models, to ensure complete user satisfaction.

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