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7 Aug 2014 14:00

BlackBerry Bold series phones are very highly ranking smartphones in Nigeria. The first model BlackBerry Bold 9000 was released in 2008. It was one of the best-selling phones back then, and its popularity in Nigeria is still maintained until today.

BB Bold 9000 is a great 114 x 66 x 15 mm smartphone with 2.6in display. Display includes a light sensor, which helps it automatically adjust illumination to suite any lighting condition. Model also has a great 2MP camera with flash. The phone is known for its nice design and convenient usage.

Just like the majority of BlackBerry phones, Bold 9000 supports BlackBerry OS. The system is very popular because of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), which allows fast and simple communication with other BlackBerry holders. Physical QWERTY keyboard also plays its role in ensuring convenient communication. This particular model still has a trackball, but later models (starting with Bold 9700) come with optical trackpad.

One of the best features in BlackBerry Bold 9000 is excellent data capability. It is a 3.5G phone, offering fast browsing. Of course, you can also access wireless LAN hotspots using Wi-Fi. When it comes to data and connection settings, it is your choice, if you own a BB Bold.

What I really like about this particular phone, is 1GB internal memory. There is enough of space for games, pictures, videos, and music. Just in case, it also supports up to 8GB microSD memory cards. The phone is fully prepared for you to enjoy.

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Despite being a pretty old model, Bold 9000 remains one of the most popular phones in Nigeria. In my opinion, BlackBerry collected all the best qualities and created this wonderful phone. If you own/have owned it, share your experiences.

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