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7 Aug 2014 12:58

BlackBerry smartphones are doing really well in Nigeria market. There are many various Blackberry models like BlackBerry Curve, Torch, Storm, and all of them are popular in Nigeria. But the leaders are BlackBerry Bold phones. I will shortly present a group of very highly recommended cheap and good phones in Nigeria.

The manufacturer clearly takes user’s satisfaction to the first place. BlackBerry Bold models are special, because they have both: touch screen and full physical QWERTY keyboard. Touch screen will guarantee easy usage of Internet, ability to play popular games, possibility to make various operations (zoom, rotate, etc) quickly. However, do not worry about texting, as BlackBerry offers their customers phones with physical keyboards to ensure fast and comfortable typing. Whatever you expect from your phone, Blackberry will have it.

BB Bold family devices are very modern. All models, from very first BlackBerry Bold 9000, released in 2008, to the latest Bold 9788 support Wi-Fi and 3G connection. All Bold phones have 624 MHz processors installed, which results in fast and smooth usage. These models are also known for their incredibly long battery lifetimes. If you are tired of your always ‘dying’ smartphone, you should definitely try BlackBerry.

BlackBerry developed their own operating system – BlackBerry OS. It is often updated with new features and apps. Bold models run BlackBerry 4 OS, BlackBerry 5 OS, and BlackBerry 6 OS. BlackBerry operating system is a serious competitor of other huge brands like iOS and Android.

BlackBerry Bold prices in Nigeria are pretty low. New phones (depending on model) might cost 10.000 - 30.000 Naira. Also, consider buying a fairly used model for half as cheap. Online market places such as MoboFree have a wide variety of good deals for cheap prices.

BlackBerry Bold smartphones are comfortable, reliable, and well designed. If you are looking for a simple but powerful, modern looking and very durable phone, consider BlackBerry Bold.

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