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6 Aug 2014 16:57

A new threat of the age is Ebola virus. The more we hear about the disease and its recent spread, the more questions we have. I will share the main things that I managed to find out, and you also please tell us what you know about the virus.

Ebola virus outbreak was first recorded in Zaire (now Congo republic) in 1976. Ever since, the dangerous disease outbreaks in different parts of Africa from time to time. The Ebola virus claimed several hundreds lives in Kampala, Uganda, and Congo in 2012. The world is witnessing its biggest outbreak ever right now, in 2014. Ebola is threatening West-African countries such as Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and unfortunately, Nigeria.

The virus is transmitted by animals, mostly by monkeys and fruit bats. Infected people can infect others through human-to-human transmission. Ebola spreads after direct contact with infected blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people.

If you are worried, check the symptoms. Ebola symptoms are similar with malaria or cholera. They may appear within 2-21 days and include fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea. Lack of appetite, weakness, or joint muscle aches might follow.

Specific treatment for Ebola has not been found yet. Doctors are trying to help the infected by giving them special slightly sweet and salty water to drink or infusing fluids directly to veins. Traditional treatments include strengthening the patient's immune system to help the body naturally fight off the virus. It is a very sad fact that the virus kills up to 90% of infected people. Have you heard of any other methods that can possibly cure the fatal virus?

Even though we cannot cure the disease yet, we can think about Ebola virus prevention. I think that we should be very careful with meat. Let’s be extra cautious and wear protective clothing when handling meat, always make sure it is well prepared. Having in mind that virus cannot spread through air, we only have to avoid touching infected people and their things. If we accidentally do it, we have to wash our hands with soap and warm water. Washing hands more often than usually will definitely help. What else can we do to protect ourselves?

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