Nigerian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - BlackBerry 8520 price in Nigeria
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6 Aug 2014 15:11

BlackBerry 8520 is one of the most popular smartphones in Naija. Curve 2 was released in 2009 and gained immediate success because of great improvements and innovative specifications. It is also titled as the cheapest smartphone in BlackBerry Curve series.
Of course, phone prices change very fast and depend on many factors. Newly released models are always way more expensive than older ones. For example, the newest BlackBerry Z3 released in the beginning 2014 costs around 45.000 Naira, while BB Z10, which appeared a year earlier is worth 30.000 Naira. It also depends whether it is a new or used device. A new BlackBerry Curve 2 costs approximately 20.000 Naira, but you can get a fairly used BB 8520 Model for only 12.000 Naira.
As this smartphone is very popular in Naija, you will easily find new models in many supermarkets or the majority of online stores such as Jumia or Konga. If you are looking for a fairly used phone, you can try searching in trusted online marketplaces like

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