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6 Aug 2014 15:05

Blackberry 8520 (Curve 2) with no doubt is one of the best smartphones in Nigeria. This cheap Curve Series phone is very comfortable to use and contains many fun and useful functions.
First of all, Curve 2 is highly recommended because of the innovative optical trackpad. It was a great improvement, as previous model Blackberry 8320 didn’t have this option. Touch-sensitive parts gave the BlackBerry a stronger smartphone impression.
When it comes to smartphones, Operating System is very important. BlackBerry 8520 supports BlackBerry 5.0 OS. Updated software brought many important features like emoticons for SMS texts, Gmail features, browser enhancements, also improvements were made to ensure fast and convenient work. Other Curve Series phones, which support this OS version are: BlackBerry 8330, BlackBerry 8350i, and BlackBerry 8900.
Smartphones have way more functions than call making or texting. They give opportunity to have fun wherever you go. Curve 2 comes with 512 MHz processor, which is perfectly suitable for device that supports Wi-Fi / 2G connection. Your phone will not lag when browsing on the Internet or playing games. Watching videos is also not a problem, as the BlackBerry has 2.46 inches display. Users can save the most important files in 256 MB internal memory or, if it’s not enough, use an up to 32GB microSD memory card.
This great phone is the cheapest BlackBerry Curve model in Nigeria. Please, check its prices and availability. If you would like to compare it with other models, read about the best phones in Naija.

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6 Aug 2014 19:18

aw can i get it,i need one