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6 Aug 2014 15:02

Blackberry 8520, also known as Curve 2, remains one of the best mobile phone choices in Nigeria market. Despite being a good smartphone with numerous useful functions, BlackBerry Curve2 is the cheapest BlackBerry Curve phone.
Curve 8520 was released in August 2009, two years after the first Curve series phone BlackBerry 8320 came out. The new model is similar to other BlackBerry products, but some improvements were made. The company’s usual iconic mini trackball was replaced by much more convenient touch-sensitive optical trackpad, which is very responsive and accurate. Curve 2 is also praised for its fresh design. The four main buttons under the display sit completely flush with the screen giving the handset a much sleeker look. The side mounted buttons have also been 'weatherised', so they're not as exposed as they used to be in previous Curve models.
This model is very popular in Nigeria because it is extra comfortable to use. Despite being touch-sensitive, it contains a physical keyboard. Out of all BB Curve models only Blackberry Curve 5 (9380) doesn’t have physical keyboard. This kind of keyboard makes texting much faster and more efficient. Furthermore, 2.4-inches is just the right size for the screen to assure the best overall phone using experience. You can adjust the screen's brightness and backlight time as well as the theme, font size, and more through the Settings menu.
I would highly recommend BlackBerry Curve 2 for those, who are looking for a reliable phone. Its succeed is caused by the phone’s core features and great performance.
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6 Aug 2014 22:22

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