Nigerian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - Why are BlackBerry Curve phones so popular in Nigeria?
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6 Aug 2014 14:43

BlackBerry remains one of the leading smartphone brands in Nigeria. The best specifics of the Blackberry Curve series phones are said to be very efficient messaging system, faultless OS, outstanding design, comfortable keypad allowing fast typing, reasonable price, and the list goes on. The features of different phones might be similar, but Blackberry products manage to be outstanding.

Smartphone is much more than just a tool for making calls. BB Curve Phones are made for those, who use their phone a lot. It doesn't matter, if you are engaged in a business discussion on BBM or browsing the net using wi-fi all day, your battery will not disappoint you. Average BlackBerry standby and usage times are longer than the battery lifetime of other popular smartphones, like iPhones. People, who are often using their phone outside, should consider a BlackBerry.

Smartphone manufacturers are doing their best to ensure that their products are comfortable to use. They try to make larger screens, Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a S-Pen, which simulates a finger touch. Such features make many functions much easier, but when it comes to typing, nothing will ever surpass a physical keyboard. All Blackberry Curve phones have physical keyboards, except for Blackberry Curve 5 (9380). Again, BB lets YOU make a choice, what kind of keyboard you prefer.

BlackBerry developed their own operating system – BlackBerry OS. It is often updated with new features and apps. The newest version has very innovative updates. For example, it allows users to create Wi-fi hotspot, listen to radio wherever they go, and conveniently share images using NFC. BlackBerry OS is always up-to-date and is a huge competitor of Android phones.

As we can see, Blackberry phones are designed for people, who value their time and comfort. All these amazing features will be even more attractive, if we consider BlackBerry Curve prices. The latest new Blackberry Curve 7 costs about 25000 Naira. You can get a used one for 10000-15000 Naira.

In conclusion, the key of BlackBerry Curve phones success is the company's efforts to always satisfy users' needs. They offer the latest innovations, plenty of apps, up-to-date OS. It comes in a full package together with comfortable physical keyboard and long-living batteries. Having in mind that it all comes for a really reasonable price, I would strongly recommend everyone to consider buying a BlackBerry Curve phone.

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