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5 Aug 2014 16:20

*African English*
My dear Ghanaians
Its church, not 'Chech'.
Pastor, not 'pastar'.
Doctor, not 'Dactar'.
My fellow Nigerians
Its bath, not 'baff'. Our
currency is called
Naira, not 'narrah'.
My dear Edo people
Its argument, not
My dear Yorubas
Its Air, not 'hair'. Eight,
not 'hate'. Its Van
Persie, not 'Fan
My dear Ibadan peeps
Its not 'sun tissu', its
Sean Tizzle! Its not
'siro' but zero!
My dear Hausa people
Its fifty, not 'pipty'. Its
people, not 'fiffle'. Its
five, not 'pipe'. Glo, not
'gilo'! Seriously it is
'Tuface weds Annie
Macauley', stop saying
'Toothpaste weds
Animal calling'.
My Egun people
Its actually 'MTN' and
not 'NTM'!
My dear Calabar peeps
Kindly note its love
and not 'rurf'.
My Benue people
Its not 'Lick Loss', its
'Rick Ross'.
My Igbo people
There is nothing like
'thaaasand', it is
thousand. It is bed-
sheet and not 'bay
sheet'. And its thirty,
not 'thartie'!
Our Lord's prayer is
actually 'Our Father,
who at in Heaven.
Hallowed be your
name...', and not 'Our
Father, look at eleven,
adaobi thy name...' Lolzzzzzzzz

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5 Aug 2014 18:00


5 Aug 2014 18:24

So 4ny

5 Aug 2014 18:28

It's interesting though

5 Aug 2014 18:42

Nice one

5 Aug 2014 18:54

Cool joke.

5 Aug 2014 19:34

oh my goist, i cant stop laffin.

5 Aug 2014 19:35

Itz funy

5 Aug 2014 20:04


5 Aug 2014 20:23

funny stuff

5 Aug 2014 20:55
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5 Aug 2014 20:59

This is sweet, thank u mobofree!

5 Aug 2014 21:09
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5 Aug 2014 21:09

nice bro

5 Aug 2014 21:13

Great funny

5 Aug 2014 21:15

How now is that african english is funny

5 Aug 2014 21:28


5 Aug 2014 21:28

laffin my belly out -lmbo

5 Aug 2014 21:51

Very fantastic

5 Aug 2014 22:23

It a vry nce amazin one, it toto nt totu, it sweet nt swrit, it breasts nt bob, it boys nt bonces, it p.d.p nt v.d.p, it fork nt fek.