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5 Aug 2014 14:01

What will you do if your boyfriend tells you in ur face that his having feelings for his ex. Plz what will u do?

5 Aug 2014 18:07

Will let him b because dia will nt b happinex again

5 Aug 2014 18:09

I will kiss him gudbye n tnk him 4 been honest wit me.

5 Aug 2014 18:43

i will let him b

5 Aug 2014 21:04

free ha

5 Aug 2014 21:21
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5 Aug 2014 22:44

I wil let him be ni.

5 Aug 2014 23:19

Everybody's complaining of letting him be. To me, i dnt fink it's that easy as y.all thought.

5 Aug 2014 23:27

I agree with D-Slyman

6 Aug 2014 00:09

I'll nt blame him,bcos he didnt hide 4me.

6 Aug 2014 00:27

Hmmm....its gonna b difficult 2 finally let him go if I 2ruly luv him. sum persons says "l'll jst let him go" u cnt, if u deeply luv him.........ITS EASIER SAID THAN DONE

6 Aug 2014 00:31

If i let her be, wat abt myself? I'll nt let her be at all... Do u tink it is so easy... D love, my time, d investiment, social engagement, d effect etc. Fuck d feeling. She developed it, then, i must know d way 2 degenerate or deactivate d feeling

6 Aug 2014 00:32

There are some luv that are worth fighting for, if ur's is one of them then stand up for it, if not then hit d road

6 Aug 2014 01:24

i agree with saheed! but in my view it's not eazy 4 wemen but simple 4 men! bcoz wemen love than men

6 Aug 2014 01:38

What God has destinied must always come 2pass so pple won't neva appreciate wat dey have till dey loose it,finally if its ur destiny wat goes around will always come around

6 Aug 2014 01:42

al na story..I wil alow hr...wit time shi wil com bac 4mi...

6 Aug 2014 03:52

God hlpe me

6 Aug 2014 08:53


6 Aug 2014 09:14

as 4 me i 'll fight 2 win her @ all cost if she is worth fightin 4. if i dn't i 'll let her b n neva let her come back again

6 Aug 2014 10:30

Sometimes,d only way to show people u luv them nd u want them to be happy is to let them go.but i believe....wat will be,will surely be.