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1 Aug 2014 00:02

ochuko interupted his sinior broda who was
having a conversation wit his friend peter who
won a japkot of 10million naira.
ochuko:aahh bross ma guy hw u dy na?
broda:i day 5n ochuko! hw r u?
ochuko:i day 5n bros. broda:gud!
ochuko:eeh hee bross(peter) ma guy, i hear say u
win japkot of 10milla?
peter:yez oh ochuko ma broda we tnk the lord
ochuko:bross ma guy g find me 500 thousand naira frm the money abeg.make i take arrenge ma
self!!! wtin u wan use dt kind big
money do?
ochuko:bross 4get dt side,i knw wtin i go use am
do. peter:well!! i have given it 2 the charity!
ochuko:eehhh!! u say? bross(turning 2 his
broda) u see am? i dy tell u dis tin 4 a long time
nw! say dis ur friend here too like woman.him
cary a whole 10milla go give charity way i knw
well well.she self no even knw as d money tke cum.
peter:it is not a it dose mother less nd father
less children i donated the money to.
ochuko:naa wah oh! xo charity even lie tel u say
she no get mama nd papa? charity way her mama
get resturant 4 our junction there. shaai i don suffer!
broda:ochuko it is the less privilage children we
are tlking abt nt a a gurl! ok?
ochuko:na nw i undastand!
peter:yez dts it!
ochuko:bt bross ma guy u 4 done let me knw b4 u go give dis money 2 dose les previlage ones na!
peter:why shuld i do dt?
ochuko:becus me i no get papa nd mama nah!
broda:tah shet up ochuko! what do u mean by
dat rubish? wu told u,ur father nd mother is
dead? ochuko:mama die last 2 mths nd papa don old na
only fud him just dy chop.dy chop d smal money
way anty chika send cum.see bross(broda) papa
is just a living dead.

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1 Aug 2014 17:46

O ga ooooo.

1 Aug 2014 18:14

Not funny

1 Aug 2014 19:37


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2 Aug 2014 00:13


2 Aug 2014 01:59

See what money turn ochuko to

2 Aug 2014 02:44

Ochuko na igbo boy,dat's y him dey mad 4 money

2 Aug 2014 07:57


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2 Aug 2014 16:40

naught brat

2 Aug 2014 20:03

Money palava

2 Aug 2014 20:45
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2 Aug 2014 23:57

very dry

3 Aug 2014 01:31

veri borin

3 Aug 2014 01:46

gud 1

3 Aug 2014 12:26

you tried

3 Aug 2014 15:43