Nigerian forum: Jokes - Compare your girlfriends to a bank in Nigeria
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29 Jul 2014 19:09

1. A girl who asks for money all the time is called
2. A girl who calls you for food always is called
"Agricultural Development Bank"
3. A girl that uses your money to
take care of other family members is called
Investment Bank"
4. A girl who prefers to have sex after marriage is "Social
Security Bank"
5. A girl who is very faithful to you is "Fidelity
6. A girl who gives it to every available man is
"Access Bank" 7. A girl who dates men from
different countries is "Intercontinent al bank"
8. A girl who doesn't demand too
much money is called "Micro Finance Bank"
9. Dating a woman older than u is
called Union Bank. 10.A girl who is always faithful and trustworthy to
her guy is
called Guaranty trust bank
11.A girl whose guy disvirgin her is
called,"First bank.
12.A girl who uses all ur money to buy jewelries is called
Diamond bank
Ladies which Bank Are You ? Guys Which Bank Is

30 Jul 2014 10:01

Ss bank

30 Jul 2014 12:55

i dnt ve a gf

30 Jul 2014 12:58

real write up

30 Jul 2014 13:17

guarantee trust bank and micro finance bank......

30 Jul 2014 13:22

Mine is nt der.

30 Jul 2014 14:34

A gurl who has one boifriend is called STERLING BANK

30 Jul 2014 15:38

funny. bt no gal 4 me too... but whenever i wanna have, it's gonna be GTB n MFB

30 Jul 2014 15:43

You are writin gals .what of a guy who do such,BS

30 Jul 2014 15:44

You are writin gals,what of guys who do such.BS.

30 Jul 2014 15:50

i dnt any bank but i go fbank/mfb

30 Jul 2014 15:56

A girl that retort from different guys is called microfinance bank.dont trust her or u are lost.

30 Jul 2014 16:06

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30 Jul 2014 16:18

am no4, social security bank..ssb

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30 Jul 2014 19:40

Sorri i gt none

30 Jul 2014 20:06

What if a girl is having affair with another guy as option B should incase her real guy option A fails. What will d guy do and what kind of bank is that

30 Jul 2014 20:44


30 Jul 2014 21:02


30 Jul 2014 21:02


30 Jul 2014 22:31