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29 Jul 2014 13:30

A boy was with his father when he saw his girlfriend coming. Boy: Have u come 2 collect ur book titled; "SPEAK ENGLISH MY DAD DOESN'T UNDERSTAND IT? "By Ngozi Okafor. Girl: No, I want dat our hymns called "WHERE SHOULD I WAIT FOR YOU?". Boy: I don't have that one... Maybe you should take the other one called "UNDER THE MANGO THREE" by Crooks. Girl: Fine but don't forget to bring "I WILL CALL YOU IN 5min" while coming to school... Boy: I will also bring this one too, " I WON'T LET YOU DOWN" by Chinua Achebe. Dad: These are too many; Will she read all of them? Boy: Yes dad, she is very smart and brilliant. Dad: okay, don't forget to give her the one on the table title, "I AM NOT STUPID, I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN SAYING" by Shakespare! And also the one on the dinning title IF SHE GETS PREGNANT PREPARE TO GET MARRIED by Wole Shoyinka...

29 Jul 2014 16:29

Hahahahaha very funny

29 Jul 2014 16:40

Aboy s smart,d girl s smarter while d father s d most smarted

29 Jul 2014 16:45


29 Jul 2014 16:47

d fada get sence ooo

29 Jul 2014 17:21

lmao!! b4 Abraham Jesus was born

29 Jul 2014 17:22

Brain father an sharp boy

29 Jul 2014 17:41


29 Jul 2014 18:39

29 Jul 2014 19:42

Stupid boy

29 Jul 2014 19:45

Like father,like son.

29 Jul 2014 19:58

very funny

29 Jul 2014 20:43

His father is d wise one.

29 Jul 2014 21:31

hahahaha i tin dad is d smartest here

29 Jul 2014 21:33

Sharp Dad

29 Jul 2014 21:42

Lolzzzzzzzz so funny sharp dad

29 Jul 2014 23:02

Lolzzzzzzzzzzz so funny dad smart

29 Jul 2014 23:13

Love dis

29 Jul 2014 23:31

funny father

30 Jul 2014 00:59

Very funny