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29 Jul 2014 11:02

After d lift up of aeroplane at airport, a jorney of 20 mins had been taken b4 d plane begin 2 loose weight. D pillot told d passenger dat de wil hv 2 trol all d begager out,all all d begager had been trol out d plane stil stay in it condition of over weight, wen d plan amount loose control, d pillot told d passenger dat de wil nid 2 trol sm passanger out, murmur start. D pillot den say 2 prevent violent nd cheat we wil hv 2 start d trolin wit alphabet order, any african on board? D pillot ask. Brazil on board? Ten people wer tro aoz. An african man wit hs kid, d kid ask, father sebi we ar african? D father said shut up! 2day we ar Zulus nt african, ok?..pls vote nd like

29 Jul 2014 16:20

Nt funi cos i dnt undrstnd it

29 Jul 2014 16:39

Ntin 2 understand

29 Jul 2014 18:07

Always be wise,who wnt 2 die

29 Jul 2014 18:26

Dat was 9ice bt work on ur pronounciation of words cos it reflectd in ur spellings. U tried a gr8 atempt

29 Jul 2014 18:51

Hmmm well you did your best and all this people who are saying is not funny should also post there own let us see :::::::::::::: keep it up

29 Jul 2014 19:47

Dnt mind them jari busy body

29 Jul 2014 19:47

U tried.

29 Jul 2014 22:17

U tried alot thumb up d person dat comment bat ur spelling we no dey look at spelling for dis place oooo

29 Jul 2014 22:19


29 Jul 2014 23:36

na me know pass,post ur own let see

30 Jul 2014 00:15


30 Jul 2014 01:00

Nice 1

30 Jul 2014 01:40

hahahahaaha boy,ur too much is not easy for some one to crack a jock,if u say that is easy do ur own lets see,boy i love dat i need more pls,dis my number u can be sending me jocks direct to 08067641560,tank u i love ur jock

30 Jul 2014 02:17

Normally it's kinda funny buh sowi 2 xay d spellings matas most nyc trial.

30 Jul 2014 08:08

u did perfectly well my guy

30 Jul 2014 17:44

who is talkin about spelling, abeg this isn't a spelling bee forum

31 Jul 2014 12:51


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31 Jul 2014 15:37

u re gr8 lyk madt u av a gud iq 2 b able 2 do diz kip tryin ur best nd dnt let bizi bodiez pul u down f dem no pas mk dem post their tuale 4 u 1 more tym u tried

31 Jul 2014 15:39

tankz 2 god u re dul durh

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