Nigerian forum: Literature - Adebimpe the Facebook girl part 8 that you all have been waiting for
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28 Jul 2014 16:19

*** after david’s call*****
Bimpe: Olammy, what is all this now?, how
do I leave here now, your friend went
home to bring money only for him to call
that his house was robbed.
ME: I’m amazed too, infact, I don’t know
what to do and I don’t know anybody else
who can borrow me this money.
BIMPE: I must leave here today oooo, see
the time now, its 11:52am already. I must
leave here ooooooooo. Find something to do
ooooo,****she started bahaving
ME: what do u suggest that I should do
now?.BIMPE: I don’t know ooooo. Just
think of how you will get Tfare for me that
will take me to PHC. Maybe you should call
uncle David back and beg him to refund
that 5k, I will sort out how to get home
ME: I’m not sure if David will refund the
money, but I think of something. Why not
beg your cousin to borrow you the money.
And when I send it to your account, you
will refund back to him
BIMPE: I told you that my cousin is stingy
and that we fought before my departure.
Infact, when I went there to pickmy school
iD card, I gave him the best insults of his
life. Dear, can you imagine what he said
when I got there?
ME: what dear?
BIMPE: he said I should help him to fetch
water from the well at the 5th house away
from his house after he refused to give me
ME: but na waoo, that your cousin no dey
try oooo. I wish to know him sha
BIMPE: pls no be dat one dey do me. Help
me find means to reach PHC. Call uncle
David and beg him
ME: ok.…..I picked my phone and dial
David’s number and placed it on speaker.
ME: Davido, how far na, abeg help me with
that 5k, my babe dey cry here and he wan
comot today.
DAVIDO: I no fit drop am ooo, demdon thief
the one wey I get for house so this 5k na
the last thing on me.
ME: abeg help me now.
DAVIDO: ok wait, let me call Akin and talk to
him, I will get back to you..and he hanged
up.….I don’t know who Akin is but Iam
sure DAVIDO is up to another drama.. After
2minutes, David called back.
DAVIDO: guy, I don talk to akin. He say him
fit try help u make u come meet am, but
him talk sayI must dey there as guarantor
incase of wahala.
ME: no problem now, how we go waka
DAVIDO: come meet me for house and we
go together go meet akin. Hope money for
bike dey your hand oooo, I no go pay for
any bike oooo. Akin talk say him fit help
you 10k.
ME: thanks, I will be on my way.I hanged
up I opened my wallet and found out that
I had just 200naira inside. I turned to
ME: baby, there is another problem,
BIMPE: what is the problem again my
dear, go and meet theso call akin now and
get the money for me to leave here, its
12:09 already now
ME: I have just 200naira with me and if I
should calculate the fare from my house
to David’s house and from segun’s house
to akin’s house, I will spend 600naira
since David is going with me.
BIMPE: ok, take this remaining 500naira
with me and add it to the 200naira with
you. Pls be fast and hurry up.
ME: ok ****i collected the 500naira,
dashed out of the house, stopped a
50naira bike and went to meet
Davido……………………….On reaching david’s
Me: Davido how far
Davido: mr maga. How u dey?
Me: na me be mr maga abi?, ur papa. Who
is akin that u are talking about?.
Davido: u be mumu. U no knw say na drama
i dey act?.
Me: just kidding. I don collect the
remaining 500naira wey she hold.Sege:
confirm. Ur head don dey work. How u
take do am?
Me: i tell her say i no get tfare take come
ur place, she give methe 5hundred.
Davido: dat one nice, so ur balance remain
4,500 be that.
Me: oya give me the 5k make i dey go
Davido: u dey craze. So, u wan go give her
the money abi?
Me: i just hold am. But to be serious, i dey
pity bimpe sha
Davido: u be mumu. She pity u wen she
collect ur money go fuck person for free
at ijoka?
Me: but she get test tomorrow na.
Davido: let her fail. Dat one go deyremind
say “magacology” na bad elective.
Me: wetin i go come do next?,
Davido: leave this money with me,dey go
house go meet ur babe. Tell her say akin
no see his atm card make she wait till
2maro wen u go enter bank go settle ur
debit palava. Update me on whatsapp any
Me: ok i left segun’s house, stopped a bike
an went home straight.Me: sweetheart,
bimpe: dear, its unfair oo. U left since
morning knowing that i will travel
me: so sorry dear.
Bimpe: oya where is the money?, its 1pm
already, let me start going.
Me:***i broke the bad news as directed by
segun.Bimpe was sad, frown and started
ranting. She picked her boxand bag.
Me: dear, pls wait till 2moro, i go to bank
to settle the atm debit and give u the
Bimpe: i hav test tomorow, i cant wait. Let
me go to my cousin and beg him again
hopefully he can help me.
Me: but why are u going with your loads.
Bimpe: i dont have much time, if i can get
the money, i will leave from there, but if i
cant, i will return here to sleep.
Bimpe picked her loads and left at
1:20pm. Immediately after she left, her
number wasnt reachable again. I said to
my self, “chaiii, thunder fire david and
bimpe o. So i no go yansh this girl this
nite”.I opened her facebook account but
no recent chat. I updated segun on
whatsapp and he told me to lock up that
bimpe is gone. So i zero my mind that she
has left akure and that i paid 4,500 for
one round of sex.Up till 8pm, her number
isnt reachable, i dropped my fone and
slept off.
At about 9:40pm, iheard a knock on my
window. I asked “who is that?”. Its me
bimpe, come and open the entrance door
for me, the voice replied.I jumped up, my
dick suddenly got erect as i was heading
towards the door and said to myself, let
the fucking begin

28 Jul 2014 18:05

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28 Jul 2014 18:27

u tryd ur best
Gud for u

28 Jul 2014 18:46

28 Jul 2014 19:01

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28 Jul 2014 19:11

U r a bad guy! Ȋ̝̊ hate u 4 D̶̲̥̅̊ά̲̣̥†!

28 Jul 2014 19:23

That's one thing about you Nigerians, u haven't met with me n u r saying am bad u hate me, well that's your headache @ Bukola well who told I was the one who wrote it, I only uploaded it for those who were asking for it, go to google u will find the literature story there @ Bukola2015 micheew

28 Jul 2014 19:24

U b correct guy

28 Jul 2014 21:33

Na only dick u knw mtchew

28 Jul 2014 21:52

James ..sharap wetin u knw

28 Jul 2014 21:54

U bi real guy

28 Jul 2014 22:49

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So wat happen nxt

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Becareful b4 ur uncontrol dick put u in troble

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