Nigerian forum: Jokes - Akpos at Embassy
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28 Jul 2014 14:28

Akpos went to American Embassy for a
student visa, and the process of his
interview with the white lady went this
WHITE LADY: what are you going to the
USA for?
AKPORS: to study.
WHITE LADY: which city, school and course
do you wish to study?
AKPORS: Chicago, Economics and Statistics
maths are my admission documents.
WHITE LADY: but there are many
Universities in Nigeria that offer this
course and you still want to travel as far as
USA to study the same course why? I
doubt your genuine intention and
therefore can’t give you the entry visa that
you have applied for.
AKPORS: (in anger) please give me back my
passport let me get out of this place, what
do you think that is in USA that is not in
Nigeria, what do you think that I will see in
USA that we don’t have in Nigeria here? Do
you think that USA is in any way better
than this country and if you think that USA
is better than Nigeria, then why have you
chosen to stay in Nigeria instead of your
country America?
WHITE LADY: (with serious anger and love
for her dear country stood up and said to
him) look am gonna give you entry visa to
USA so that you gonna travel to America
and see what is in USA. The different
between America and Nigeria. (out off
anger, she stamped the visa for Akpos).
May the anger of ur enemy be the
promotion to ur next level!
Can I hear Amen?

28 Jul 2014 17:42

I say big amen

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28 Jul 2014 18:42

amen amen amen amen AMEN AMEN ND AMEN

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28 Jul 2014 20:15

Amen o!

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28 Jul 2014 21:50

amin oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

28 Jul 2014 21:58

amen n amen

28 Jul 2014 22:07

Amen n Amen