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25 Jul 2014 03:34

Armed robbers broke into Akpors' house
one night and asked everyone to lie flat.
After robbing they decided to shoot
everyone in the leg one by one. Akpors'
gateman was first. "What's your name?"
the robber asked. "John Frank", replied the
gateman,*pow* the thief fired his gun and
shot John's left foot. Fear gripped all of
them. Akpors' wife was next in line.
"What's your name woman?" asked the
robbers. Shaking, she replied, "My name...
is.... is.... Eli... Elizabeth." Akpors immediately
closed his eyes cause he couldn't bare
seeing her shot. "You're lucky you bear my
mother's name. I won't kill you." says one
of the robber. She was so relieved. Next
was Akpors. "What's your name?" Akpors
got up and popped his collar, tucked in
and replied, "my name is Akpors." The
robber cocked the gun and was about to
fire. "Wait... wait... wait!!! I've not finished!"
shouted Akpors "My name is Akpors but
my friends call me Elizabeth Aka Lizzy
Baby!" DoroVibes

25 Jul 2014 12:12

Nt funny jor

25 Jul 2014 12:57

lol.. u wise?

25 Jul 2014 12:58

Na nonsense

25 Jul 2014 14:41

U try

25 Jul 2014 15:54


25 Jul 2014 17:16

Wre u shot?

25 Jul 2014 17:22

so dry

25 Jul 2014 17:53

Speechless joke lolz

25 Jul 2014 21:38

Old joke

25 Jul 2014 21:44


25 Jul 2014 22:20

A lil funny duh

25 Jul 2014 23:09


25 Jul 2014 23:30

Too dry

25 Jul 2014 23:52

Hey is quiet funny

26 Jul 2014 00:00

u use ur brain

26 Jul 2014 00:02

Quote by Herdeysojue
u use ur brain

26 Jul 2014 09:51


26 Jul 2014 11:35

u dey hear say ppol dey write 4 forum u 2 kom write....abi ?

26 Jul 2014 15:07

y can pple not for once encourage those who re tryin 2 develop or do somtin instead of criticizin dem negatively...nawaO...4naija pple!