Nigerian forum: Jobs and Career - 20 Business U can start with low Capital
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24 Jul 2014 20:51

You can never be independent when someone has the power to tell you how many hours you must work.

One of the Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics (PEC) that makes a big different between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one is opportunity seeking. That is seeking, recognizing and acting on new business opportunities.

Most of the big businesses today were small ones of yesterday. Many of the small ones today will be giants a few years from now.


From our own experience,they include the following:

1.Low start up capital.

2.You can operate them from home.

3.Your operational cost is low.

4.You can conveniently earn income a thousand fold higher than your present earning.

5.You can keep your present job and do some of these businesses on part time.

6.They lead you to becoming your own boss.

7.The men and women who own these businesses cannot be sacked. Each is a top executive - the ruler of his own little empire, and the architect of his own fortune.

Bread production
Plantain chip and Chin-chin/
Groundnut production
Cashew Production
Making of cakes and Snacks
Wine production
Candle making
Chalk making
Fruit Juice production
Yoghourt production and cream production
Selling of Ice Block
Detergent Production
Bagged water and table
Body Cream Production
Hair food Production
Soap Production
Liquid Soap Production
Air Freshner Production
Lip Balm Production
Insecticide Production...Many More.....

We have over 50 businesses and The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include,Agriculture,Manufacturing, Retail Industry, Telecommunication. retails and Wholesale Businesses..For more Business idea and discussion and to learn how to make varieties of this products ..

Contact us

call us: 08071554781

Join out facebook community page @ I PAY MYSELF ( or add any of our admin on facebook: Rit Cris , Chris Tender.


Act Now! Nothing happens without action. Do not procrastinate, make Hay while the Sun Shines.

******We Give out free ebook to our clients

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25 Jul 2014 10:46

That is nice one

25 Jul 2014 11:31

I have interest in that chalk making. But I'll be more delighted if you people have any training/seminar on piggery. I'll like to know your office address also

25 Jul 2014 13:18
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25 Jul 2014 13:21
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25 Jul 2014 15:52

If you good in writing and know your way around the internet, you can also go into blogging.

26 Jul 2014 02:24

The worst thing that can happen to a man is to be poor but still proud, to be very busy but still poor and broke, to always Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly (POOR). All you need to re calibrate your financial destiny, increase your income or remain the way you are is to make a DECISION.
What would you do if you were introduced to an opportunity to earn for yourself N850, 000 and above every week? What would be your reaction? What would be your thought? What would you tell yourself? What would you do? What would be your decision? The answers to these are what make the difference between the wealthy and the poor because poor doesn’t mean you are broke but Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. The poor never persists, but Big shots are small shots that keep shooting.
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28 Jul 2014 15:50

I do blog too but not everybody are computer literate nor can blog.......

28 Jul 2014 15:54

contact me when u are ready

2 Aug 2014 02:45

that's a nice list

10 Aug 2014 23:08

if u also was able to earn dat particular amount u wuln't b here ,u tnk evri 1 na maga?u ar using mouth 2 climb everest mountain big frauder go gather ur whole relative nd embrace d busines,u ar nt a good citizen of dis nation,if u cnt slv dia prblm dnt add 2 it pls.d money dat d whole relative cnt gather 4 a year no b #600,000,000 na 6 trillion per day. Find sumtin beta 2 do pls

17 Aug 2014 17:42

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28 Aug 2014 18:52

You can become a TREVO distributor as low as 33,800 and still earn money in 8 ways. Call TREVO on 08027424011. All money transaction is done in the bank and ur teller is used for processing in TREVO office nationwide

28 Aug 2014 20:06

How true is this......please be sincere wt me.

28 Aug 2014 21:29

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28 Aug 2014 22:44

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17 Oct 2014 12:02

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18 Oct 2014 15:44

Quote by rithauzz
contact me when u are ready

hey i am interested in blogging and i am also a good writer. my email; and number 08169816523

20 Nov 2014 11:56

Gud ideas