Nigerian forum: Literature - ADEBIMPE THE FACEBOOK GIRL (PART 6)
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23 Jul 2014 09:59

....her phone was ringing, she picked. Though I couldn’t hear the caller’s voice from the phone, but bimpe was responding “ok, alright, ok, ok” on the phone and she dropped the call.

Before I could say anything, bimbe said “that is my roomate at school. She is asking me the time I will get to PHC”. I dashed out of the room. I stood outside my house for like 10minutes thinking all sort of things “Am I actually a mumu?, what if she is right about having a cousin?. After all, she will give me sex as a surprise before leaving so I will actually taste her?. But should I tell her about what I saw on facebook?,but what if she asked me how I get to know her account details?, but if I don’t give her the money, how will she get to PHC?. Or should I delay her till tomorrow so as to enjoy her over the night?. But NO, she is having a 4 unit test tomorrow.

And bimpe is beautiful ooooo, I think I like her naturally because if not, I won’t be this mumu for her”************.
The thoughts were just coming in and overlapping, I don’t know what to opt for. At a point, I just made up my mind to give her 5,000naira to manage.

After all, I can’t pay more than 5k if I invite a girl for home service. So let me just zero my mind that I am paying only for the surprised sex and I will assume that I lost the 10k I gave her earlier.
I stopped thinking and stopped a bike. Bike man, take me to alagbaka. He said “bros na 150naira oooo”. No problem, I replied. He rode pass through fiwasaye girls college and finally dropped me in front of first bank opposite captain cook at alagbaka junction.

On getting to first bank ATM, the crowd was so much, so I decided to go to GTB atm adjacent first bank. The queue isn’t that much. I am the 12th person on the queue. I was so anxious to withdraw the money and go back home to meet my surprise package, in fact, I insult anyone who stayed longer on the machine.

When there about 6 people in front of me, something just struck me that I should go to facebook and check her recent chats. This time, I got the greatest shock of my life on what I saw
as I opened her message.
She started a chat with swordman 5minutes ago

SWORDMAN: baby, hi

BIMPE: sweetie, I’m fine. I so much enjoyed the way you make love to me. It was the best I have ever had in my life.

***Chaiii. I developed headache instantly. I scrolled up to read again incase I didn’t get it very well, I continued reading**

SWORD:. Same thing here, I so much miss ur orals. Infact, if not for the test you said you want to write tomorrow, I won’t have let you go today.

BIMPE: baby don’t worry, I will be back after the semester break. I can’t wait to feel you again

SWORD: that’s my baby. How far with the place you said you are going for your Tfare, I mean your daddy’s friend you talked about?.

BIMPE: I’m there already, but he went out to bank to withdraw money for me..
SWORD: why not come here for a quickee plssssss

BIMPE: time has gone and he will be back soon

SWORD: baby pls it won’t be long, I promise it won’t exceed 10mins

BIMPE:. Are u sure?

SWORD: I promise

BIMPE: ok dear, set the stage, don’t let me meet you with cloths on and make sure its a hot ride. I will be there in a jiffy.

SWORD: ok dear, I will be waiting.

**Chaiiii. I shouted and it attracted the attention of people on the queue. They asked me what’s wrong but I couldn’t say anything.**

I stepped out of the bank. And was wondering if I am not dreaming. Just as I was thinking of what next to do. My phone
rang and its a message from bimpe which says “baby, pls I left my school ID card at my cousins place, I am on way to get it. I will be back in 20mins time pls”.
I don’t know when I started crying. I was crying like a baby on the express. I said to myself.
“This time, u must teach this bastard a lesson she will never forget in her life"

***watchout for part 7***

23 Jul 2014 10:01


23 Jul 2014 10:30

Haahhaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa,a beg, a no fit laugh jare.

23 Jul 2014 10:38


23 Jul 2014 10:41

Chaii,my advice 4 u is to tell her what she did and u send her away.

23 Jul 2014 11:00

My brother; don't stress your self too much about ladies...... I see most of them as an egg in which if its fall down, its won't pain me....

23 Jul 2014 11:36

bby pls dont kill ur self becos of woman,pls,many are still waiting 4 u out there.

23 Jul 2014 11:46

Wow! This so interesting. Let her knw dat any 4kup nah trip-off.

23 Jul 2014 11:50

haahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa,,,,,,can't stop laffing, Bimpe na corect liar.,,,,,

23 Jul 2014 12:11

Humn dear, dis is so intresting, funning& many lessons. i won't advice you to pay her bak sexualy according to what she is doing to you cos it might affect your emotions when it comes to trust in relationship. Call her&sit her down to let her kno how her evil act is affecting ur feelings toward her & woman nature. if she failed to change, den let her go it means u guyz are not met for each other.& You too u need to caution urself abt SEX ISSUES in rltship. gudluck but not jonathan

23 Jul 2014 12:30

Don't worry is a matter of time

23 Jul 2014 13:14


23 Jul 2014 16:30

Kai Wahala dey wo oon..!

23 Jul 2014 16:33

I knw how it end...I've read it end @ part 9 whr onihaxy n his friend collected all d money she has n drove her away

23 Jul 2014 17:34

O my God see mugu oooo

23 Jul 2014 17:54

Looool, this s damn so funny!!!

23 Jul 2014 17:56

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23 Jul 2014 18:24

Hw i wish u wud jst thrw ha sin(s) on ha face.Nevathls if she's rely urs 1dy u wil se ha crwn wt ha knees askn 4 ur4gvns

23 Jul 2014 18:26

well that is women for u! call her let her realise that wht she did for u is not good.

23 Jul 2014 18:46

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