Nigerian forum: Literature - ADEBIMPE THE FACEBOOK GIRL (PART 5)
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23 Jul 2014 09:54

She stood up from my laps and went to the kitchen leaving me with hard on. I said to myself again… Chaii Sodeeq , u must be the greatest fool of the highest order. Just as I sat down sadly on the bed nursing my hard-on. She called me from the kitchen to join her in eating the noodles.
I went to meet her in the kitchen. After finishing the noodles, I went back to sit on the bed while she sat at the other edge of the bed.

BIMPE: baby, I will miss you, if not for my cousin. I would have lodge at your place

ME: its no problem.

BIMPE: hope you will also give me something to give my friends at school because they will be expecting

ME: ok, dat reminds me. Now that your cousin refuse to give you money, how will you get to PHC?

BIMPE: oh baby, I know you won’t watch me been stranded in akure. After my cousin, u are the only person I have here. Pls help me

ME: but today is sunday and banks doesn’t open, how do I do it?

BIMPE: ****she suddenly wear a sad face and started shedding tears**** pls dejey. I beg of you, pls use your ATM and help me, I have a test of 4unit course tomorrow morning please.******continue with the sad face****

ME: instantly, I felt pity for her, I felt her pain, I thought of her test. I just don’t know where the MR nice guy in me came from. I replied her that “don’t worry, I will try and get something from the ATM.

Bimpe was so happy that she kissed me again, this time it was more romantic and passionate. I locate her shirt button again. This time, she didn’t resist, I press on to her bra, dipped my hand into it, located her Tips, I was squeezing and pressing. I traced my hands down to her abdomen, still doing the kissing. Just as I was about unzipping her trouser, she said “STOP”, I refused but she removed her mouth and shifted a bit

BIMPE: baby, don’t you think its too early for us to have sex?. We are going to get married and enjoy ourselves till eternity, why should we rush?. And besides, this is our first date dear. Pls
******she wore this innocent girl look******* I just wore a straight face and refuse to say anything.
She noticed that I am unhappy. So she came closer again in kissed me. She started rubbing my chest,
I was happy thinking she is ready to play. Just as I was about pressing her bosoms, she held my hand and say, “baby, pls hurry to the bank becos of time, I will surprise you when you are back.
Immediately I heard the word suprise, I suddenly smile and became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe, picked up a shirt. Picked my ATM card.
Just as I was about stepping out of the room, her phone was ringing************

******wacthout for part 6*****

23 Jul 2014 11:49

hmmn..den u gues what?

23 Jul 2014 12:05


23 Jul 2014 12:19

Atleast u should be able to denounce her by now.

23 Jul 2014 12:20

You be original mumu

23 Jul 2014 12:23

Is she using charm on u

23 Jul 2014 18:41

Vry funi bt guy on a mre cirious note if u truly luv hr u shuldnt tink of hvin sex wit hr

23 Jul 2014 21:49

Guy u too dull,abi she use charm 4u?

24 Jul 2014 10:22

that is good,sex with out married or married b 4 sex which 1 is good

24 Jul 2014 14:23

Omo dis gal dey use juju

25 Jul 2014 02:06


25 Jul 2014 02:25

Juju level lolz gobe level

25 Jul 2014 09:31

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25 Jul 2014 09:37

haaa! na terible package,no dull urself,aftuall, u re a guy,cum dulin...¤act fast¤ on her.

12 May 2015 23:27

Dis guy na sex u need bt she is nt ready 4 dat

28 May 2016 01:32

I tink na love dey do dis guy,no b juju o