Nigerian forum: Jokes - AKPOS STORY!!! (MUST READ
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20 Jul 2014 16:33

I was coming home saturday evening after a hectic day and found a small bag on the ground. I opened it and behold what I found inside; $20,000 dollars!! Fear first catch me, but I took the bag home and when ...I emptied It, I found some Documents, ID card, ATM card and an Iphone. I thought about
throwing the sim away and keep the phone and also dispose the
documents and keep
the money. After a long thought, I decided to leave things as they were, hoping that the owner would call.
Not long after a call came through on the Iphone, I picked and talked with the caller.
Apparently it was the owner of the bag coz he named absolutely
every content of the bag. We met afterwards and i handed him the bag. he offered me $2,000 dollars but I turned it down , he collected my number and i left.
Yesterday he called me and offered me a job at Chevron worth 750,000 Naira per month, a 3 bedroom flat fully furnished, and a 2012 BMW X6

As I was smiling and testing the car my brother just slapped me and said
"Oya Oya Oya Wake up eba don ready.

21 Jul 2014 13:12

Don't God is flashing with your forthcoming fortune, but pls wake from your slumber and working very hard, otherwise your live long in transe!

21 Jul 2014 14:19

go ahead,nd tri bcus u r abt to enter into ur glory.

21 Jul 2014 14:27

abag keep lookin 4 beg ooooooooooo. it may come to relity

21 Jul 2014 14:43


21 Jul 2014 14:54

u ar 2 4ny kep continue 2 du gud

21 Jul 2014 17:39


21 Jul 2014 18:00

Nawao,ebi lyk say na only him waka wake him

21 Jul 2014 18:22

Hmm its funi bt its jst lik a dream cm thru,pray 2GOD 2let it cm 2pas bt evn as u pray work vvvry hard 2wrds it

21 Jul 2014 20:47


21 Jul 2014 22:31

Why now u for live him make he enjoy finish

21 Jul 2014 22:37

Dat ur brother,represent obstacle that will disturb ur glory,o boy u need 2 ginger urself.

21 Jul 2014 23:30

Happi ramadan kereem

21 Jul 2014 23:31

Hw is today

21 Jul 2014 23:39

Na joke ooooo

21 Jul 2014 23:59

B4 u wl c dt bag, u must av it in mind dt u wl pick many bag which seems unsatisfy. Keep on working.

22 Jul 2014 01:35

Go chop first and dnt 4get 2 go back 2 ur sleep as soon as finish d eba so dat u can continue 4rm where u stopd.......

22 Jul 2014 01:39

Haha supernatural wealth

22 Jul 2014 05:26


22 Jul 2014 05:39

Is good to be good, others should learn from this.