Nigerian forum: Literature - ADEBIMPE THE FACEBOOK GIRL (PART 1)
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19 Jul 2014 08:12

Early february. I met adebimpe on facebook as a mutual friend to one of my friends. One thing led to another, we started chatting on BBM and early march, we started E-dating.

3weeks ago, we discussed on how we will see facially and she suggested to travel down to meet me in lagos if only I can send T.fare. Adebimpe is a student of uniport so she fully based in PHC. I was so happy that I started day dreaming how the visitation will look like, the romance, fun, love-making etc. .

On the 14th of april, I sent 10k into her account as Tfare. She called me to tell me she got the money. And the travelling preparation began.

The D-day came. I have cleaned up my room, bought foodstuffs, bought a new pack of CD., wen she dropped at iyana ipaja garage, I told her to pick a bus to my house address which she did, she got to my house at around 5pm.
I ushered her in, gave her soft drinks and we were chating.
Wen it was 6pm, she shocked me by telling me she has a cousin here in lagos and that’s where she will be staying throughout her 3days of stay and dat I shd visit her at her cousin’s place the following day.

I was so sad but I didn’t show it, I faked a smile and walk her off to take bike.

I come dey reason am say “se na like dis my 10k go waste?”.
The next day, I didn’t go to visit her and I lied that I was sick with the mindset that she will come to my place instead. But na lie,all she could do was to call me and ask after my health.

That nite, I couldn’t sleep. I was just wondering how silly I am. i just put my fone in silence and forcefully slept off.
As I woke up around 6am in the morning, I picked my fone and I saw a text from adebimpe.
Which says “baby u knw I will be leaving today, wat time should I come to visit u so as to get my return Tfare”.
Chaiii, na so my head spark.....then.....

Story continue in ‪Part 2

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19 Jul 2014 08:12


21 Jul 2014 13:04

Lool, u don fall maga bro

21 Jul 2014 13:07


21 Jul 2014 13:13

well part of life

21 Jul 2014 13:18

One of dos things

21 Jul 2014 13:18

i hope he feel the dignity in her!

21 Jul 2014 13:18

Hope U don't plan to used and dumped Adebimpe

21 Jul 2014 13:22

well as i said dignity and adore!

21 Jul 2014 13:26


21 Jul 2014 13:33

Al hope to use her and dumped ws lost

21 Jul 2014 13:46

She's a wise one

21 Jul 2014 13:51

Smart girl and she has self respect.

21 Jul 2014 13:53


21 Jul 2014 13:55

it is well,God time is the best.

21 Jul 2014 13:58

Your own is still better, she even came. If tell u mine, u will pitty me

21 Jul 2014 14:13


21 Jul 2014 14:23

Mayb d girl use charm 4 u bro

21 Jul 2014 14:25

u be confirm maga.

21 Jul 2014 14:41

why u no complete am cos me don read am reach episode 10